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"Probation has expired on all charges" and "the offender is currently abiding by the law".

Exactly what is it Mrs. Carter does not understand about that? If she objects to this man's residency she is free to pick up and move to a location that suits her. That is what is great about these United States of America. And thank you ACLU!

Besides.... these distance restrictions have been shown ad nauseum to have no effect on public safety - rather the opposite is true. 301' is okay - 299' a crime? 1001' is okay - 999' a crime? Laughable. I am guessing that Mrs. Carter's personal residence is within the radius that she is advocating for.

He has rights and your children have rights and it is not their right, in the name of safety, to impede his rights. Not so difficult a concept.

From: Mother fighting to change sex offender residency laws

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