Beacon Communications

1944 Warwick Avenue

Warwick, RI 02889

Phone: (401)732-3100, Fax: (401)732-3110


Satellite Office:

5 Coventry Shoppers Park, Coventry, RI 02816


As of June 3, 2024 The Reminder offices will be moving to 
1944 Warwick Avenue, Warwick RI 02888


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Contact Us

John Howell, President and Publisher 

Rory Schuler, Editor-Johnston SunRise/Cranston Herald

Alex Sponseller, Sports Editor 


Richard Fleischer, General Manager


Donna Zarrella, Local Sales Manager 

Melissa Miller, Account Executive

Linda Nadeau, Account Executive

Suzanne Wendoloski, Account Executive

Dawn Donnelly, Classifieds-Coventry 

Ida Zecco, Classifieds-Warwick

Lisa Bourque Yuettner, Legal Advertising 


Lisa Bourque Yuettner, Production Manager 

Monique (Mo) Rice


Lynne Taylor, CFO, Office Manager  

Leslie Paz Andujar, Accounting

Margaret Andreozzi, Accounting


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