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Common sense, you are aware, are you not, that some states have no registry restrictions. Many states have no state-mandated ones but leave it up to jurisdictions. I trust you are further aware that there is no safety benefit in these sorts of restrictions. They are not supported by facts or evidence. Common sense is not always what it seems. Sometimes it needs to be bolstered by facts. Many states have issued statements as to why they do not implement these restrictions, but above all I like the one issued by Patty Wetterling/The Wetterling Foundation. I think that is because she first mixed the kool-aid, but once all the toxicity had been poured into it, she refused to drink it and speaks out against it.

"Because residency restrictions have been shown to be ineffective at preventing harm to children, and may indeed actually increase the risks to kids, the Jacob Wetterling Resource Center does not support residency restriction laws. Such laws can give a false sense of security while sapping resources that could produce better results used elsewhere.” (The Jacob Wetterling Resource Center).

From: Mother fighting to change sex offender residency laws

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