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@ Commonsense2 - I have no problem with this woman wanting to protect her children. I applaud her. What I have a big problem with is that she is attempting to do so while trampling someone else's rights. That is just not acceptable.

"What would you believe the intentions are of a Level III Sex Offender who has made such a decision to live in this particular location? " Many things come to mind... he needs a place to live, a roof over his head. The residence was affordable. Did he live there before his conviction? To put it bluntly - it is really none of your business why he chose this location.

"300 feet is minimal. It’s the equivalent of being about 4 houses away. Exactly a football field length without the end zones. " Precisely. What is the point? Lets talk facts. Lets talk physics. Average walking speed for an unathletic adult is 4 feet per second. That means this guy could cover 300' in just over 1 minute. Walking. I am out of shape but I see me running a football field in 20 seconds or less. 1,000 takes 8 minutes at walking speed. Then they have these shiny new contraptions - the automobile. Those drive real fast. Combine that with the fact that residency restrictions have no measurable safety impact (see ShellyStow comment) I repeat - what is the point?

Other than the fact that you, Mrs. Carter, do not want this guy in what I presume is your neighborhood. What if you got him to move away from the school? He would then live next to someone else. But away from the school? Or away from you? I am guessing you do not mind as long as you are not inconvenienced. Can you spell NIMBY?

Quoting again, ShellyStow:

"Two things you need to know in relation to your children and the sex offender registry: your children are far likelier to end up on the registry than they are to be harmed by someone on it, and the person the most likely to sexually harm your child is not a registrant but someone who would be welcome in you home and has most likely already been there frequently. "

Oh, and the day that it is a crime for a man to look at a house and walk around shirtless in your own home is the day I move to North Korea.

From: Mother fighting to change sex offender residency laws

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