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I am proud to be part of the 20 volunteers for what is now called "Friends of Warwick Ponds". There will be a web site soon. Philip D'ercole and his supportive wife Carmen have spent countless hours on this quest and I believe their efforts are the ONLY way we will get a cleaner Warwick Pond. One thing is certain. Most, if not all, of the pollution draining into Warwick Pond is coming from the Airport expansion. They are the biggest polluter. The solution might start with "FWP" but it will most probably end with clean-up costs being paid by the Rhode Island Airport Corporation, either by their decision to be environmentally "a good neighbor", or by the voice of the growing number of concerned citizens, led by Mr. D'ercole and the Friends of Warwick Ponds, giving the RIAC no other public-relations choice in the matter. Stay tuned as this group "morphs" into a successful solution for the benefit of all Warwick Citizens.

Richard Corrente

Friends of Warwick Ponds volunteer

From: Pond concerns persist

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