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Thank you so much for your hard work, Shawna and everyone at Vaccine Choice RI. I have personally seen some devastating autoimmune diseases, ovarian failures (4) and complete disabilities present within a day to a month after a dose of the HPV vaccine among the children of friends and family. In two cases the POTS Syndrome has cost the parents at least half a million in medical bills as they struggle to keep their kids alive. The autoimmune syndromes I have seen personally are Hashimoto's Disease in an 11 year old boy and Fibromyalgia in a 14 year old girl. These came on within a month of the vaccine after the kids complained of intense pain at the site of injection, feeling faint, and never really feeling good afterwards. 11 and 14 year olds should not have autoimmune conditions more commonly seen in 60 and 70 year olds. Teenagers should not go into menopause, as 2 family members and two friend's teenagers have done.

Upon doing research, there are troubling reports about the HPV coming from all over the World. Japan, Denmark, Ireland and Argentina have taken it off the schedule since many girls there have died or been paralyzed by it, and India has held hearings for the same reason.

To mandate such a dangerous vaccine for a condition that generally resolves itself without intervention, which barely causes life threatening cancer (1 in 1 million deaths) with a vaccine that only protects against 4 of 95 strains leaving more virulent strains to infect the child afterwards is insane, especially when weighing the fact that the benefits DO NOT outweigh the risk, except financially for the vaccine company and the State which gets a stipend for each vaccine sold.

From: Bills would limit state ability to mandate vaccines

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