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Ah, the last desperate gasps of a losing campaign -- calling for "revolt" and claiming inspiration from the Sons of Liberty because... well, because he doesn't like Scott Avedisian.

Listen, Dick Corrente: Your platform was already a disaster before your dark conspiracy theories about the mayor 'and his relatives' getting a property tax break -- and you fail to mention that the address you list as home [177 Grand View Drive] had an assessment that stayed level for three years prior to this year's increase [maybe due to the fact that it's a two-family and Red Stick Acquisitions of LOUISIANA owns it, making it not an owner-occupied property], and that the drop in the mayor's assessment amounted to a whopping $1,700.

Oh, and as for your assessment , the amount this year is $357,200 while last year it was $287,500 -- that is FAR less than triple, Dick.

[You're not the only one who can look at the city's tax assessment database for information, Dick.]

So, Dick, here's what we learned today: You very likely pay NO TAXES on the property where you live since it's owned by an out-of-state corporation, yet you criticize the city's valuation of taxable property; you call for revolt, yet in the real days of the Revolution, you'd get no standing to vote because you don't own the property where you live; and you still have nothing but anger at the mayor informing your campaign approach, such as it is.

Now, let's be clear, Dick: I'm not calling you a liar, although you clearly are. No, what you really are is a failure, and this is just the latest evidence. You sold your property at a $143,000 loss in 2012 after buying it in 2007 [funny, since you claim to run a successful real estate firm], and now you're attacking the mayor for getting a slight decrease in the assessment on his home that he's owned -- really owned, and really paid taxes on -- since 2003. Then again, maybe you are a real estate genius and 'sold' your home to dodge any responsibility for the taxes, water use fees, and sewer costs that real homeowners bear.

Either way, you're not the stand-up-for-the-taxpayer guy you claim to be.

The one good thing I can say about your campaign, Dick, is that there are only about 90 days left of it.

From: Running on a platform to cut taxes

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