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Mr. Corrente, It's time to get down to some brass tacks.

1. Warwick's current tax rate on residential property is $20.24 per $1000 of assessed value, and $30.36 on commercial property. In terms of "cutting taxes", to what extent would you reduce these rates, specifically? Looking for a dollar amount here.

2. Warwick currently spends about $18,000 per student in public education. Would you support a plan by which high school-aged students were given a voucher valued at the current tuition of whatever public, private, or parochial school would accept the student? Under the plan, if a student chose to attend, say, LaSalle Academy ($14,500), the city would retain the $3500 difference. Anything more than the $18k would be on the parent. This would force local public schools to compete for top students (enhancing quality), force them to keep an eye on spending, save taxpayer money, and give parents a genuine choice in where their child attended school. Would you endorse such a plan, or continue with the status quo in the Education Blob?

3. Employees in the private sector are paid commensurate to their value in their organization. Would you endorse merit pay for teachers, whereby evaluations and classroom effectiveness would play a part in teacher compensation?

4. Which specific regulations in the city would you revise or eliminate to make the city more business friendly?

Warwick citizens have a multitude of additional questions, but this is a start. And it's time to be specific.

From: Running on a platform to cut taxes

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