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"I would never deny a request to sit and talk"

For almost 4 years Rick "tax delinquent" Corrente has refused to answer even basic questions about his campaign .

For example, part of his campaign "plan" is a voluntary pension buyout. Why wouldn't he use this opportunity to comment here and explain to voters how this program would work? The answer is because HE HAS NO IDEA. There are simple questions Mr Corrente refuses to answer, and this is just ONE of his ideas. This applies to ANY of his campaign proposals.

Basic questions on the voluntary pension buyout such as:

-How many city employees are eligible to retire?

- How many city employees will be eligible for this voluntary pension buyout program?

- How much $ total would each employee be offered to walk away? Instead Corrente decides to launch an attack. Why? He doesn't have ANY IDEAS to fix Warwicks most serious problems.

Without knowing the answer to ANY of these questions, how can Mr. Corrente know his voluntary buyout program would save ANY $? If he doesn't have the answers now, how can he honestly say he's done a cost analysis of this program? Again, this is only ONE PROGRAM. This also applies to his "buy a house, get a check" program (that he hasn't told voters how he'd pay for), his plan to pay 50% of all seniors and veterans car taxes, his plan to raise beach fees (without knowing how much the program costs) and his "spending cuts" even though he hasn't named ONE AREA OF SPENDING HE WOULD CUT.

I'll leave voters with 2 quotes from Rick Corrente praising then Council President Joe Solomon:

"They say the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. He hasn't. His father is a class act and Joe Jr is the next generation. I have listened to him agree with those in the state house and I have heard him disagree. In both cases it was with the same level of "total respect".

I support this young man, and I recommend the reader does as well"

- Rick Corrente Thursday, Sept 1st 2016

"The 2017 City Council held the line on taxes for the 1st time in 18 years. The CRITICS said it couldn't be done and you did it.

(Corrente continues after thanking each Council member by their first name...)

I have called myself the taxpayers mayor because I feel that I am a servant of the Warwick taxpayers. Now I have a new phrase the City Council is now "The Taxpayers City Council.

Congratulations to 9 of the hardest working peoole I know"

- Rick Corrente Tuesday, June 6th 2017

Its funny how 1 year ago Rick Corrente felt Joe Solomon was "(one) of the hardest working people (he) know(s)" and 1 year later he tries to attack him just to try and score a couple political points. The only thing thats changed is Joe Solomons declaration to run for Mayor. Why has Rick Corrente suddenly found so much fault in Joe Solomons character, when he was overwhelmingly praising him 1 and 2 years ago. I think its safe to say whose character really deserves questioning here. Not the public servant who's dedicated the last 18+ years of their life to the taxpayers of Warwick like acting Mayor Solomon. The person who deserves their character being questioned is the erratic, tax delinquent, bounced check passing, failing FAKE mayor Corrente. Real, hard working taxpayers see right through this liar and his empty campaign promises. I cannot wait until Corrente is embarassed in another election.

From: 20 percent of police department considering retirement

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