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So now we can completely show how Daydreambeliever has no idea of what he is talking about.

There is no lifetime healthcare for council members any more. It ended with Steve Coluantonuo in January of 2009. Furthermore, prior to that time, council members had to serve 3 terms or 6 years (each term is 2 years not 3 as this nit wit has stated). So obviously, Daydreambeliever is not a registered voter because if he was he would know that in Warwick we vote every 2 years because terms are 2 years. WHAT A DOPE !!

In addition, if he actually was informed he would understand that it was Bob Cushman, while he was on the council, that sponsored the ordinance to eliminate the healthcare provision for council members. It passed in Jan.09, but in an effort to allow Coluontuono to be exempt from the ordinance, Bruce place moved the ordinance up 2 weeks to allow Coluontuono to get the benefit. And guess what, after his 3 terms he was out the door with a 1/2 million dollar benefit.

Here is more spin from this clown:

"The 2012-2015 contract they had no raises for 3 years also assisting the city in a critical time."

What he doesnt tell you is that during the above mentioned time period, virtually every man earned an additional 30% over his base pay thru step increases and overtime. Overtime was thru the roof and in fact, I obtained random W2 forms from 3 fire fighters, Jordan, Maymon, and Colantonio who between these three, earned an additional $238,180 dollars in overtime.

I then obtained the 3 year salary rates and end of year total salary which showed (with exception to those on IOD) every man made significant more money during the "PAY FREEZE PERIOD". I will share that data with anyone who wants it.

"They also turned down the $1000 per member bonuses offers by the mayor for a savings of $200k."

What he doesnt tell you is that they turned down the "bonus" to bargain to increase the unused sick pay from 50% - 75%. That amounts to an 8.2% annual pay raise (on top of the 9% for the 3 year contract) and in the first year, that negotiation had a cost associated with it of $649,421. And that was only the first of 3 years. The line item for that perk went from $443,000 to over $1 million bucks. This year was $1,000,144.

So he can spin it any way he wants but the numbers dont lie. Just go to the city web site and go to the budget documents and look at Fire Dept. (Dept 35) and look at line item 35-116.

This man has zero factual knowledge.

From: 20 percent of police department considering retirement

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