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What I see when I look at the FD budget is personnel costs that have grown, on average, 1.3% a year over the last ten years. Thats slower than inflation, and slower than the rest of the municipal budget. Total FD spending accounts for 1% less of the municpal budget now than it did 10 years ago! Hows that for out of control FD spending! And over this time frame, the WFD call total has grown nearly 15% The WFD effective tax rate is approx $1.58 per $1000 (7.6% of $20.80) Why dont you compare that rate to other VOLUNTEER DEPTS, let alone other paid FDs? How do we compare with Cranston, a comparably sized city? Cranston spends nearly 35% more ($8 million!!) to staff a FD that is 11% smaller (min manning of 46 for warwick, 41 for cranston) and responds to 20% less runs, with an OT budget over double that of the WFD!

We can have an honest conversation about what the FD should cost, and if any efficiencies can be found. But that requires facts, not just accusations. Some perspective, listening and good faith on all sides would go a long way. So please lets knock it off with the hyperbole, criminal accusations, and general tone surrounding this discussion.

From: 20 percent of police department considering retirement

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