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At this point I have zero desire to debate the evidence or lack thereof depending on which side you are on. What was truly eye-opening was watching Kavanaugh speak about the charges. I do agree that temperament does play a role in being on the SCOTUS. Passion must always be tempered with consideration.

An article in A Pursuit of Justice from 2007 listed the qualities of a good judge. The very first trait is Judicial Temperament.

"A judicial candidate should be able to exercise forbearance under provocation, to deal with others with sensitivity and without giving offense, and to assimilate data outside the candidate’s experience without bias and without undue difficulty or stress. A candidate should be able to handle personal stress without unloading on others; he or she should recognize that the position is not only stressful but an official governmental position of public trust, with its business conducted largely in full view; and that criticism and scrutiny are inherent in the position. Candidates fearful of or uncertain about these aspects of the job should be counseled to reconsider."

From: Reed, Langevin concur FBI investigation next best step in Kavanaugh hearings

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