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Dear Cat,

You're right. Opinions aren't always right. They aren't always wrong either. I asked EVERY member of the City Council if their constituents repeated my "Cut Taxes - Cut Spending" campaign slogan. All 9 members said "Yes." I asked if they influenced your decision to vote "No", 29 out of 29 times. EVERY City Council member said "Yes", although in varying degrees. Not ONE told me that it had no effect. Not one.

Maybe it had a big effect. Maybe it had a small one. That is, as you say, a matter of opinion, but no one of the 9 member City Council could say it had no effect. Not one.

So yes, in my opinion, my campaign had an effect. Maybe it didn't though. Maybe it was just some gigantic coincidence that hadn't happened in 18 years! . Yeah right. Maybe.

Have a Happy St. Patricks Cat.

Happy St. Patricks everyone.

Rick Corrente

The Taxpayers Mayor

From: City offices plan could force arts center out of Apponaug

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