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How is a Lighting Designer qualified in any way to give advice on how the many aspects of Lighting can possibly have an adverse or positive affect on Human Health & Well-Being, as well as that of Wildlife and their respective fragile ecosystems ?!?

A Lighting Designer is NOT a Medical Doctor

A Lighting Designer is NOT a ChronoBiologist

A Lighting Designer is NOT an Ophthalmologist

A Lighting Designer is NOT a Research Scientist

A Lighting Designer is NOT a Phycologist/Psychiatrist

A Lighting Designer is NOT a Veterinarian

A Lighting Designer is ONLY qualified to get Lighting right.

And if all of these Lighting “professionals” were doing their job in the first place then, we wouldn’t be here discussing the potential hazards of LED lighting that is being poorly executed all throughout the world !!

And think about how a Lighting Designer makes their money..., So, they have a vested interest in attempting to shut down internet articles based on many years of research by highly regarded & well-respected universities, medical & scientific research and specialists in the field of medicine, maladies & the environment.

From: Might bright LED steetlights have adverse effects?

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