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RI ratepayers and all RI residents need to understand that RI Energy’s plan to saturate all homes and businesses in RI with Automated Meter Functionality infrastructure in the near future impacts not only cost and convenience, but many other crucial factors. I was one of the people who testified in person at the April 4 RI PUC Public Hearing, and there were numerous other people who testified via zoom or phone, and/or sent in lengthy written submissions to the RI PUC Commissioners. Almost all of this testimony was vehemently against the proposal, and the huge price tag was not even mentioned. Here are some reasons, backed up with scientific evidence, that the RI PUC should deny RI Energy’s AMF proposal:

For anyone who delves beneath the surface of RI Energy’s assurances of the safety and security of these AMF meters, it should be clear that they are neither safe nor secure. There are many serious flaws with these “Smart” Meters, as those in other states who rolled out these meters a decade ago can attest. Those who have researched this topic know that we do not need and do not want the imposition of this technology that imperils health, collects intimate data from every household and business, causes household appliances to malfunction, causes electrical fires, requires excess electrical energy to run, increases atmospheric CO2, and controls and unfairly monetizes consumers’ energy use. RI should learn from the hard lessons of those in other states whose health has been seriously harmed, and who not only did not save money, but incurred even higher electricity bills when “Smart” Meters were installed on their property. The RI PUC Commissioners need to seriously consider all of the testimony that has been provided, not merely accept RI Energy’s assurances at face value. Now that 60% of RI’s AMR meters are aging out, the RI PUC should explore other safe, accurate, and secure options for measuring electric usage. RI Energy’s plan should be denied. Here is the livestream so that everyone can watch the testimony for themselves.

The RI PUC is still accepting written testimony via email. The Docket Number is 22-49-EL. Submit to the Clerk: (That is Luly Massaro.)


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