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Cote is no small town hero. He's rude, vindictive and sarcastic. The irony is he is everything he attacks others for being. I can respect a man active in his community willing to spend his own time and money acting as a check and balance for municipal government. I have tremendous respect for Jim Hummel and while I often disagree with Richard Langseth, I respect the man. I respect them because they conduct themselves with integrity and class. Cote does not. He is irrelevant in the eyes of moderate people concerned with cooperation and good government. He's a small town caricature of ridiculous blowhards like Glen Beck. Even if every now and again he brings a valuable nugget to the table, his antics completely detract from any worth he might otherwise possess. Even most of the right leaning WPRO hosts think he's a clown. The won't even have him on without disclaimers that they in no way sanction or will be held responsible for anything he claims or says. I mean when right wing radio hosts issue disclaimers before speaking with someone, you know the guy plays loose with facts and hyperbole.

From: Cote charged with harassing phone calls, claims he’s the victim

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