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Gee, what a surprise. Finally, someone who is Not intimidated by this jerk! Cote has been doing this for years...and the reason no one turned him in because he has intimidated so many people that they were afraid!!! He is a loose cannon and now watch what happens....the flood gates are now open. All the people he has done wrong will all come out. No one is afraid of this so called man anymore! Everyone knows who and what he unstable man who is so arrogant that he thinks he can get away with anything and all he has to do if he got caught was to blame everyone else!!! You are not above the law cote!!!! Maybe instead of calling a press conference to let everyone know you are do actually leave. No one wants you here!! If you really wanted change for YOUR city..why didnt you run for office!!! Because all you want is to cause trouble. You care very little about Warwick and her citizens! And it's funny how the beacon only did a one sided interview (I did not use investigative report because it was an interview) when ProJo article actually told what actually happened. The Police were there in the house when two of the harrassing calls came do you explain that cote?!!! you can't!!!!!

Leave this great city of ours! You are just an annoying pimple to us all!

From: Cote charged with harassing phone calls, claims he’s the victim

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