2018 Warwick Primary results

Posted 9/13/18

The final results of the 2018 primary election in Warwick held on Sept. 12, 2018.

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2018 Warwick Primary results


The following is a list of results of contested races from the 2018 Statewide Primary for Warwick. Results which appeared on the cover of the Beacon on Thursday, Sept. 13 did not reflect the official numbers due to one precinct not reporting prior to press time.

Governor (D)

*Gina Raimondo - 5,023 (47.9 percent)

Matt Brown - 4,076 (38.9 percent)

Spencer Dickinson - 1,381 (13.2 percent)

Lt. Governor (D)

*Daniel McKee - 5,186 (50.9 percent)

J. Aaron Regunberg - 5,011 (49.1 percent)

Governor (R)

*Allan Fung - 1,856 (54.1 percent)

Patricia Morgan - 1,460 (42.6 percent)

Giovanni Feroce - 113 (3.3 percent)


*Joseph Solomon - 6,736 (65.1 percent)

Richard Corrente - 1,824 (17.6 percent)

Gerald Carbone - 1,575 (15.2 percent)

Vincent Ferla - 205 (2 percent)

City Council (Ward 4)

*James McElroy - 753 (65.6 percent)

Ernest Flagg - 395 (34.4 percent)

City Council (Ward 8)

*Anthony Sinapi - 528 (54.2 percent)

Bethany Furtado - 447 (45.8 percent)

House District 21 (R)

*Michael Underwood - 343 (66.3 percent)

Ronald Loparto - 174 (33.7 percent)

Senate District 29 (D)

*Michael McCaffrey - 2,400 (65.6 percent)

Jennifer Rourke - 1,261 (34.4 percent)

Senate District 30 (D)

*Mark McKenney - 1,838 (54.2 percent)

Jeanine Calkin - 1,551 (45.8 percent)


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To Dan McKee who I met with several times. You want a much greater number of citizens using alternate sources of energy (electricity). I agree wholeheartedly and made it one of the points of The Corrente Plan.

To Alan Fung - even though you refused my invitation to "move to Warwick and become a Democrat" (several times!) I greatly respect you and what you were able to do for Cranston to grow its population to number two in Rhode Island.

To Anthony Sinapi - Your leadership as President of the Warwick Lions and your tireless dedication will carry over to the City Council.

To Mike McCaffrey - Mike, I saw you EVERYWHERE! You campaigned as much and as hard as I did. Many many congratulations on your well-earned victory.

To Joe Solomon - You and I differ GREATLY on political issues but I've seen you from a distance interact with your wife and son and I've come to the opinion that you are a good husband and a good father. I wish you nothing but happiness.

Lastly, to EVERYONE who ran in this election. Congratulations. You worked your heads off.

Happy September everyone.

Friday, September 14, 2018

To the Twice-Losing Candidate:

You have failed, yet again, to do anything but humiliate yourself in public. As the above article shows, thousands of honest, taxpaying voters rejected your candidacy on Sept. 12, making you the first candidate this century to lose to two different mayors in Warwick.

And it’s your fault. At every opportunity where you could have improved your image or behavior, you instead consciously decided to make yourself look even worse.

Where you could have admitted to your tax delinquency — and possibly even earned sympathy from others who have fallen victim to predatory lending — instead you denied public information that proved your failure to pay property taxes, leading to the loss of your former residence to tax sale, and claimed you had “won” a court case against your lender.

Where you could have corrected your false claims about changes in Warwick’s population and school enrollment — based on numbers that you invented by misinterpreting legitimate data — instead you repeated them, over and over again, showing that you did not care how completely the facts proved you wrong.

Where you could have corrected your version of how the FY18 budget was passed, instead you kept repeating that your failed 2016 campaign influenced the city council to cut spending and taxes — when every single part of that claim was a lie.

Where you could have tried to earn your party’s endorsement, instead you first falsely claimed on your website that you had it, and then attacked your party as “political insiders” when you didn’t receive it, and despite the fact that many of those same people contributed to your 2016 campaign.

As if all that weren’t enough — as if your complete refusal to acknowledge verified facts, your petty vindictiveness toward your party, and your continued false claims were not proof enough of your utter unfitness for office — you used this website as a free advertising platform for your campaign activities, attacking others, making wild accusations against public officials, and using a fake title that you neither earned nor deserved.

The voters of Warwick rejected your candidacy, again.

The results shown above are 100 percent your fault. You made that happen.

"You campaigned as much and as hard as I did."

This is a lie. You spent $1,770, held no events, and thought that commenting here counted as campaigning while presuming that you would "carry over" past voters.

And you were wrong about all of it -- your potential support among voters, your false claims about the city, your baseless attacks on other candidates.

None of it helped you, and all of it counted against you.

And now, even after a defeat so profound that other more mature people would take time to self-reflect, you are still making a humiliating spectacle of yourself and providing me and the 6,000+ honest, taxpaying Warwick voters who rejected your candidacy a second time more and more proof that we were correct to do so.

Friday, September 14, 2018

Rick, after Alan Fung rejected your many invitations to "move to Warwick and become a Democrat" did you ever consider reaching out to Republican Mayor of Cranston ALLAN FUNG to see if he was interested? You are such a fraud. You are so quick to make EVERYTHING about YOU. You want to try and fool people into believing you are close enough on a personal level with Allan Fung that you could extend such an invitation to him. I don't know about you folks, but I usually know how to spell the first names of folks I extend personal invitations to. The reality I'm sure is that Allan Fung has no idea who Rick Corrente is AT ALL. It is clear from Correntes post election behavior that he will show the same class in defeat, as he showed while running his campaign: ZERO!!! Readers are witnessing a TWICE FAILED hack candidate become more and more UNHINGED with each passing comment. Who knows what he'll say next, but I promise it will only serve to further embarrass himself...

Friday, September 14, 2018

Pathetic, isn't it, Scal, that on an article that so clearly shows how badly the two-time loser was rejected on Sept. 12, he still feels compelled to draw attention to himself.

And once again, it's not good attention; it's further proof that he deserved the loss.

If he hadn't so thoroughly shown himself to be a defective candidate, one might almost find it worthy of sympathy, how much time and effort he has wasted using this site as his only way to communicate with anyone.

But he did, and it's not.

He shrunk his entire world to this website, and simply can't stand that it resulted in Wednesday's blowout loss.

Again, though, he did this to himself. There's no sympathy for someone who is almost 70 and insists on acting in such a pathetic and juvenile way.

His only intent seems to be to find even more ways to make a humiliating spectacle of himself. As you rightly suggest and he has so often proven, it's only a matter of time.

Friday, September 14, 2018

Dear Scal1024,

If misspelling Allan Fungs first name somehow makes me "a fraud", then what does hiding behind a fake name make you? The truth is Scal, even you can't deny the time, effort, and money I dedicated to making things better for the 80,000 taxpayers in Warwick that are paying the tab. Except for attacking me, you haven't done A DAMN THING! Not a dollar. Not an hour. Not an idea. Nothing. I've done a thousand times more. So criticize, complain and condemn from the shadows. I will continue to help the taxpayers.

You anonymous coward of a critic.

Monday, September 17, 2018

RC, are you now running for martyr now that you lost for mayor?

Monday, September 17, 2018

Scal, don't let the two-time loser's bluster get to you. Just look at this pathetic comment:

"[E]ven you can't deny the time, effort, and money I dedicated to making things better..."

The city ran two straight budget deficits, and that's including this year's budget that carries the state-capped tax increase. That's not better by any objective standard.

And we've already proven that the two-time failure candidate had no effect on any of it -- he didn't stop the council from passing a deficit budget in FY18 or FY19; most of his effort was put into using this website for free political advertising; and he ran on the cheap in 2018 after wasting $40,000 on his first losing campaign.

"I will continue to help the taxpayers."

Commenting on this website does nothing to help our honest, taxpaying neighbors, except to prove that they were 100% correct to reject his candidacy on Sept. 12 and keep him away from the mayor's office.

Monday, September 17, 2018

Dear CrickeeRaven,

WOW! You know as much as Mark Carroulo, Scott Avedisians' Chief of Staff who retired as a wealthy pension man in June, 2014, after he was Director of City Planning, after he was with Warwick Public Works. It's too bad you're too much of a coward to admit who you really are. You (Mark) moved out of Warwick. The taxes must have been too high. You now live in West Warwick receiving a fantastic pension and benefits plan funded by the 80,000 taxpayers that you keep disrespecting. I understand why you constantly attack me. You are exactly the kind of political insider Warwick needs to eliminate. You are exactly the kind of person The Corrente Plan would get rid of.

I just wish you would come clean and admit who you really are but you're just not honest enough.

You anonymous coward of a critic!

Monday, September 17, 2018

Of all the pathetic and false statements the two-time failure has made, his continued attempts to guess the identity of another commenter on this website is perhaps the worst of all.

"You know as much as [the person he is falsely accusing of using this screen name]..."

None of the information provided was "insider" information. It was all publicly available and easily verifiable by anyone.

His disgraceful behavior is yet more reason that honest, taxpaying voters in Warwick were 100% justified in rejecting his pathetic second run for office.

Monday, September 17, 2018

Finally the fake mayor , two time loser, takes the microphone at the city council meeting. Please watch his futile ridiculous attempt to make a point. The embarrassment that this man can endure is simply incredible. Go to this link and scroll to the 1:02:00 mark and listen and laugh at the buffoonery.


Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Good find, Thecaptain. It's especially instructive to see the two-time loser stumble and stammer in making whatever point he was trying to make.

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Dear CrickeeRaven,

Right again! That's two in a row! I completely stumbled at the podium last night. I wanted to get across the importance of "rewarding departments that underspend and penalizing departments that overspend" I wanted to compare that with what finance chair, Ed Ladouceur was saying about how "some departments submit invoices that boggle his mind, and some do not".

I believe Warwick needs a "carrot and the stick" method of dealing with this, but man, did I "stumble and stammer" at the mic. You wouldn't understand what that's like because you're so much of a coward that you can't even let people know your real name, let alone speaking in public.

Glad you enjoyed it! Glad you gave me the opportunity to explain it.

You anonymous coward of a critic!

Happy September everyone.

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Finally, the two-time sore loser admits to making a humiliating spectacle of himself -- and then immediately compounds it with juvenile insults.

His name-calling on this website otherwise has as much effect on others as his incoherent rambling at the city council meeting: Zero.

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Corrente's stammering is just as embarrassing now as it was when he debated Avedisian in 2016. All this time and what has he changed about his campaign? Recycled signs, recycled comments, recycled talking points. Add all of that up and it equals two...as in TWO TIME LOSER. Rather than take a few weeks to assess what went wrong in the campaign Rick is already back to his old tricks. When he lost in 2016, it was more of the same. Rick Corrente is not interested in bettering the City of Warwick, he's interested in bettering Rick Corrente. Its always about him, pretending to care about Warwicks seniors, students and taxpayers. He ignores any critique or question and lies about his tax delinquency.

Rick, you are not a fraud for spelling Allan Fungs name wrong. You are a fraud for being a tax delinquent, for lying to voters about your tax delinquency and for not telling the truth about losing your home to tax sale. This doesn't even get into the dishonesty in your campaign platform, the smear campaign you ran against Joe Solomon, the unhinged, erratic behavior you've displayed since becoming a TWO TIME LOSER, and the shameful behavior you've shown toward voters. You are simply not telling the truth.

Why is it when confronted with these facts you pick and choose how to answer? That is not being honest with voters Rick. Why is it you have never researched the links/sources provided that say you are late on your taxes? Like I said Rick had you been honest, I would have sympathized. Many people lose homes to tax sale and it is never a happy time for anyone. However, when you lie about it you insult any and every person who has ever gone through this struggle. That is not the behavior of a public servant, hence why I say that you are a fraud.

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

But let's not forget this;

From the court records:

" Further evidence that Plaintifff Corrente believed the order to be inequitable at its issuance is found in past court records from previous court appearances. The computation of Corrente's income has been the central focus of the past nine years of litigation.

Corrente has continually urged in past court appearances before different judges, that the Family Court's method of computing his income is inequitable because the court has not subtracted what he considers to be legitimate business expenses from his gross earnings. Appearing before Justice Michael Forte in the same matter on March 12, 1997, Justice Forte asks Corrente, "What's your annual income?" (Record, 3/12/97, page 12, line 7) Corrente responded , "Under $7000 per year, and I can prove that to you. My gross earnings is (sic) one issue. What I live off is a fraction of that, Yor Honor." (Record, 3/12/97, pg 12, lines 8-11) In the same court appearance, Justice Forte asked Corrente, "I'm asking you what your willing to pay temporarily until I can resolve this. If you're a good father - and I'm sure you're going to stand there and tell me that you are - then you're willing to pay something. How much?" (Record 3/12/97, pg 11, lines 8-13) Corrente responded - " I don't want to set a precedence (sic) Ten dollars a week is about what I can afford." (Record 3/12/97, pg 11, lines 14-16) to clarify Corrente's response, Justice Forte later asked,

The Court - "You're telling me, you can only pay ten dollars a week?"

Mr. Corrente - "Yes sir"

The Court - " You're telling me that on the record?"

Mr. Corrente - "Yes sir, I'll stand by that"

Mr. Watson - There is a W2 form that declares $40,000 in income in 1995

The Court - "What happened to that?"

Mr. Corrente - "Gross earnings, Your Honor, He's neglected to tell you the $25,000 that it cost me to make that, Your Honor."

The Court - " Well, we're going to have to wait. We'll deal with it at the hearing".

Mr. Corrente - "You cant look at gross receipts and consider them earnings, I wish you could."

In a court appearance before Justice Forte on January 28,1997, to determine his income for child support payments, Corrente stated on the record, "He (defendants attorney) does not know what my income is. All he know's is my gross receipts , and he's trying to manipulate this Court into believing that my gross receipts is my income." (Record, 1/28/97, pg 3 lines 22-25)

This small sample of on the record statements demonstrates plaintiff's concern with the court's computation of his income - specifically his contention that certain business and/or personal living expenses should be deducted from his gross earnings. It also shows the amount of money that Corrente believed he could afford to pay for child support: $10.00 per week. Corrente was aware at the time of the issuance of the May 27th court order that the court had not deducted the amounts from his gross earnings that he had wished. He was also aware the the court order stated he must pay $223.15 per week for child support payments: $213.15 more than he stated on the record he could afford. It is hard to imagine how this order could ever have been considered "equitable" by Corrente in light of his previous testimony. His statement on the may 27th record confirms this theory. "

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

i hope people remember gina has done nothing no jobs only for her friends from brown shes done nothing for the homeless or handicap people but she does plenty for the illegals that are here if it was up to her we would have been paying for the paw sox

shes done nothing for the mold problem they are having in some of the state buildings employies keep getting sick

shes hushed it up so it doesnt interfare with the election

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

What is so telling about the Corrente court documents, is the typical double speak we've all become accustomed to. Rick always knows better whether its a judge, the school committee, the mayor. Theres always an explanation that people just don't understand abd only Rick Corrente "gets it". You would think after 20 years of lying constantly it would wear a person down. Rick continues to lie with the same ease now as he did 20 years ago. Imagine making $40,000 in a year, and claiming you only took home $7,000, its pathetic. This is no different than any of the other lies Corrente has told in his campaign. The sentence structure, the "I know better than you" attitude and the "I am the only one with real proof" gimmick has grown tired. These are the reasons thousands of voters made Rick Corrente a TWO TIME LOSER, and these are the reasons MANY PEOPLE continue to speak out against him.

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Scal, it has been an ongoing mystery to me how the two-time loser has continued to expect that he should be taken seriously, after his well-documented record [most of which he has willingly provided on this website] of juvenile behavior and false statements.

That said, I think you rightly suggest that basic arrogance explains quite a lot of his behavior.

As we've discussed before, he ran for office and apparently didn't expect to have his statements scrutinized. And then, once someone did look into his claims and found them to be false, he accused others of lying and continued to insist that his version of events was correct.

In so many cases, though, we provided objective, verifiable, and public information that proved his statements to be false -- not debatable, not a matter of opinion, false.

And still -- still! -- he behaved as if he knew better, while never providing the same type of proof that others had. "Because I say so" seemed to be his only defense, aside from "you're using a screen name!"

Neither of those has ever disproved the facts that were repeatedly presented about him and that remain 100% true, no matter what he says or does.

Like you rightly point out, too, he lost two elections. As if the factual proof were not enough to prove him an unfit candidate, he did not have the support of voters, as the information above shows.

Thank you, once again, for joining me and the 9,000+ honest, taxpaying voters who rejected his candidacy again on Sept. 12.

Wednesday, September 19, 2018