A pinprick of light

Posted 11/15/23

In this era of political turmoil, where horrendous violence is taking place worldwide, especially in the Gazza Strip and the Ukraine, where people are starving in Africa and senseless hate crimes are …

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A pinprick of light


In this era of political turmoil, where horrendous violence is taking place worldwide, especially in the Gazza Strip and the Ukraine, where people are starving in Africa and senseless hate crimes are taking place in the United States, it is easy to get discouraged. Who wouldn’t have a knot in their stomach just thinking about it?  If I concentrated on these negative thoughts, my head would surely be buried under a pillow, and I would be crunched up under the covers in my comfy bed.

 The only logical choice for me is to think about the positive things in life, especially with the arrival of Thanksgiving Day, a day that was designed to express gratitude. On this special day, I am appreciative of the fact that I do not have to cook.  We are going to a friend’s house, and she loves to prepare gourmet meals, presented with pomp and circumstance!  What a coincidence, I love to EAT gourmet food. 

I am gratified that my five children have grown to be healthy, somewhat happy, adults. (Four out of five isn’t bad.) They each have a home that is not with me. Several are successful, such as my son who works in California for a major computer company, my daughter who excels in doing make-up and arranging other resources for weddings, and my son who owns a tow truck with a plow and becomes everyone’s best friend after a snowstorm.  Marie would love to work but she dances to her own drummer.  When she volunteered at the animal shelter, she grabbed the big box of dog treats and ran around giving them to all the dogs. When she volunteered at Saver’s to sort clothes, she just went through the donations to pick out which clothes SHE liked and wanted to buy. Some people are just not meant to work!

 I am grateful for my five astonishing grandchildren, who bring smiles to my face and make me feel extra loved. I appreciate my supportive friend, Karen, with whom I laugh and have a good time no matter what we do.

 Hubby and I share a nice home and are greatly enjoying our old age.  For some reason, age has wizened us.  We no longer worry about paying bills because we have a set income and a set amount of costs.  I have a super job working part-time writing grants for the hungry and homeless, and recently received a federal grant for a million and a half to house individuals in recovery from substance abuse. Getting that was quite exciting!

Hubby and I just purchased a slide-in camper for atop his pick-up truck and look forward to a future of traveling around the country.  When we were first married pre-children, we camped in a tent, but this is the next level up. Of course, it IS rather small inside and only one of us can walk in it, so the other person must jump up on the bed to get out of the way.  The bathroom, which was a selling point, is no bigger than a postage stamp, and we laugh at it now because there is no way either of us could use it for what it was intended. It does make a great closet, however.

There are so many everyday things for which I am grateful. The blender gets a work-out every morning as I prepare my tasty smoothies. My car is still under 100,000 miles and has needed no major repairs. My bed is extra comfy with a Down comforter, flannel sheets, and Hubby to cuddle up against.

 Most importantly, I am thankful to be happy.  Yes, there are some horribly depressing things happening in the world, but what good would it do for me to be depressed about them?  That would just add more unhappiness to the world.  I choose to smile at strangers, hold the door for them, let them turn into the Walgreen’s parking lot while I am in West Shore Road traffic, donate money to various causes, purchase toys for the church Christmas giveaway, and freely give compliments when a friend or stranger is wearing something I like. I choose to look at the bright side of things, even if that light is only a pinprick, (and I need glasses or a magnifier to see it.)


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