Attempted to correct falsehoods

Posted 4/13/23

To the Editor:

Upon reading Mr. Langseth’s latest letters to the editor intended to promote his continued falsehoods related to the Rhode Island Airport Corporation (RIAC), we’re …

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Attempted to correct falsehoods


To the Editor:

Upon reading Mr. Langseth’s latest letters to the editor intended to promote his continued falsehoods related to the Rhode Island Airport Corporation (RIAC), we’re pleased that at the very least Mr. Langseth is slowly scaling back the degree of his disinformation campaign related to efforts to relocate cargo carriers from an 81-year-old aircraft hangar.

Unfortunately, he still has a long way to go.

Despite Mr. Langseth’s earlier hyperbolic assertions which defy credibility that this development will result in 70 or more additional flights-per-day, in his latest letter to the editor, Mr. Langseth has subtly downgraded his predictions to 20-30 additional air cargo flights per day.  However, his perception of reality is still 10x more than the expected increase of two additional daily air cargo operations once the operations relocate from an 81-year-old aircraft hangar.

Additionally, despite his self-appointment as an expert on all things related to airports, it will come as a surprise for Mr. Langseth to learn that the Rhode Island Airport Corporation does not have the ability to overrule the Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA) jurisdiction over airspace and aircraft operations regarding when, where, how and which aircraft airlines fly.

But why should he let the facts get in the way of his latest tall tale?

We have attempted repeatedly to correct the record on this matter, much the same way we have repeatedly continued to attempt to correct his false insistence that RIAC, in partnership with a leading online retailer, is the developer of warehouse space along Airport Road.

Although RIAC has no involvement in this city-supported development, perhaps by the time the undeniable reality of these facts becomes apparent to all, Mr. Langseth will have further downgraded his predictions of increased cargo flights closer to the real-world expectation of an additional 1-2 operations per day!

And while we appreciate Mr. Langseth’s concern for RIAC’s return on investment, RIAC, as well as independent auditors, routinely affirm our sound fiscal management.  In fact, S&P Global Ratings recently announced that it has raised its long-term and underlying RIAC to an ‘A’ praising the agency for its “very strong management and governance, with a good track record of operating the major lines of business and managing risk, as evidenced by high liquidity, conservative budgeting, and meeting financial targets.”

No doubt that when the airport’s existing aircraft hangar was built in 1941, some questioned whether airplanes and air travel were just a fad and whether such investments were wise just as Mr. Langseth does today. Perhaps some even questioned the need to replace the airport’s original 1938 terminal, just as others questioned the need to replace the Rhode Island T.F. Green International Airport terminal built in the 1960s when the existing terminal was constructed nearly 30 years ago.

Oddly, even as he continues his puzzling crusade against efforts to relocate cargo operations from an 81-year-old hangar, Mr. Langseth is now advocating for a Warwick “Big Dig” to create a system of tunnels under Airport Road to meet his imagined air cargo schedule of 20-70 flights per day.  The bottom line is that Mr. Langseth’s own credibility will be determined by his own words and predictions, not anyone else’s, especially when these wild conspiracy theories are proven to be without merit.    Although we have had to spend a disappointing amount of time effort refuting these untruths, RIAC continues to focus on the important work of supporting a well-functioning, fiscally sound facility that serves as a good neighbor and a good partner of its host City of Warwick.

John J. Goodman

Assistant Vice President

Media and Public Relations

Rhode Island Airport Corporation

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  • RichardLangseth

    Mr. Goodman: There is no doubt that mixing trailer trucks with wide turn warnings on them do not mix with passenger cars, pedestrians and bicylists on the passenger terrminal loop. During the EIS in 2012 RIAC promised to fix that loop for safety reasons. That promise has been broken and now RIAC against the advise of its consultant has chosen to ignore this new warning and send the trucks into the passenger terminal. This is an absolute deal killer. Your passing off my suggestion of a small tunnel under Airport Road shows RIAC's total disrespect for the NEPA process and will be reported to the FAA and the EPA. This environmental assessment is going nowhere!

    Thursday, April 13, 2023 Report this