Bringing us together


To the Editor,

If there is one good thing that's happened with the COVID-19 virus, is it has brought of us back together again.

The disappearing dining room is the one sign of change with the virus.

Just a few decades ago, the whole family gathered at the dining room table for meals and conversation. Today, many families rarely have a meal together at all. Fathers, mothers and teenagers work. Adults and young people participate in a variety of activities rarely together. Folks eat on the run, so meals are often take-outs or frozen dinners heated in a microwave. It’s not unusual for each family member to prepare his or her own meal. Something very valuable is being lost. Maybe busy families can’t share every meal but they need some shared time together! It’s also important for families to discuss their everyday news as well as major events. They need to share their ideas and feelings.

However, along comes the deadly COVID-19 virus and it has changed everything. Lockdowns, stay at home, wearing masks, social distancing has become the new way of life. 

The good thing that the COVID-19 virus has done is brought back for the first time in many years, the taste of “Togetherness” in our families.

With the stay at home order, for Dad, Mom and the kids they can experience eating meals together, playing games, cooking, exercising etc., now that everyone is forced to be home.

Think about it. Talk about it. Maybe time for each other. Be respectful and courteous and most of all LOVE each other, for the valuable time of being healthy together.


Richard Walsh

East Greenwich


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togetherness is fine. keep the glock handy.

Thursday, May 14