Dr. Alan Dudley Brown III


Dr. Alan Dudley Brown III passed away on December 9, 2022, in his home in Seattle, Washington. Alan was born on August 29, 1968, in Warwick, Rhode Island, and passed away at 54.

He is survived by his four siblings, Wayne Brown, Richard Brown, Kevin Brown, and Julianne Wood. Alan was preceded in death by his parents Alan Dudley Brown Jr. and Emily Vida McGiness.

Alan obtained his Ph.D. in Sociology and worked as a professor of both sociology and criminology. Upon hearing of his passing, many of Alan's students and colleagues expressed that he was an incredible, unforgettable professor. He had many interests, including photography, music, and languages. Alan was fluent in several languages and had an ear for music. He could play any musical instrument he came across. He loved the outdoors and spent time as a Park Ranger. He loved animals and rescued many cats and dogs over the years.

Alan was a proud member of the LGBTQ+ community. He is remembered by friends, family, students, and colleagues as funny, sassy, and extremely intelligent. Alan was known for his shaved head which was adorned with tattoos, and his various eye patches. One of his nieces recalls thinking that he was a celebrity upon meeting him for the first time because he was so incredibly charismatic. He loved people and was an advocate for the homeless.

Even though Alan experienced adversity he was able to maintain a beautiful philosophy on life and focus his efforts on helping others. He will be greatly missed by the people whose lives he has impacted.