'Consolidated kids' are now Pilgrim alumni

Posted 6/11/19

By SAMUEL ELEUTERIO Wednesday, June 5 marked the graduation ceremony of Pilgrim High School's Class of 2019. Within the buzzing field house of CCRI's Warwick campus nearly 300 proud students, as well as thousands of family and friends, sat to hear a name

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'Consolidated kids' are now Pilgrim alumni


Wednesday, June 5 marked the graduation ceremony of Pilgrim High School’s Class of 2019. Within the buzzing field house of CCRI’s Warwick campus nearly 300 proud students, as well as thousands of family and friends, sat to hear a name called. 

Graduations happen annually, but the PHS Class of 2019 has one specific distinction. Part of the class is the last group of students to have attended Veterans Memorial High School. Vets is now a middle school, but it does not make the moment any less significant to the former students of Vets High. 

In 2016, there were major changes to the Warwick Public School System resulting in a consolidation of Vets students among Pilgrim and Toll Gate High Schools. In his graduation speech, former Vets principal and current Pilgrim principal Gerald Habershaw said, “This is the last group of what I call the consolidation kids at the high school level...I owe a great deal of gratitude to this senior class for their leadership and respect for others in helping the consolidation process go smoothly at Pilgrim High School.”

Of the 297 graduates, the valedictorian was among “the consolidation kids.” Helen He was the first Vets student to earn this title at Pilgrim. In her graduation speech she happily reflected on her time at both schools,

“It seems like only yesterday we were all freshmen, nervously strolling the halls with butterflies in our stomaches…I am truly thankful for these past four years, which have been a wonderful combination of laughter, tears, fun, stress and, most importantly, individual growth.”

Her last words to her classmates were inspirational: “Embrace the future with arms wide open and sculpt the life fit for you.”

Helen will be attending Tufts University in the fall, majoring in biology. She plans to continue to medical school.

On that memorable day in her life and the lives of her classmates, the salutatorian Eva Silva gave her speech. She reminisced and joked about their days at Pilgrim, “Sophomore year…[Pilgrim] ‘won the merge,’ junior year where we stressed harder than ever academically and personally, or senior year where we made national news for our lunch policy.” Silva gave a piece of advice that she acknowledged is a cliché but can still benefit everyone.

“Don’t miss the moment…Live in the present and the future will come.” Silva will be attending the University of Miami next fall. She plans to study global business and marketing.

After the ceremony, class treasurer Ryan Corrigan briefly spoke about his experience in this unique Pilgrim class. “[After] the consolidation I could pick out every student that went to Vets. By the end we were all friends. We were all Pilgrim graduates. We were one unit.” Corrigan will be attending Loyola University Maryland. He plans to major in political science and a double minor in philosophy and peace & justice.

While Vets is no longer a high school, the 2019 class made sure their former school was not forgotten. Principal Habershaw said, “During Pilgrim’s spirit week the students were encouraged to wear their favorite sports team’s gear. Many of the consolidation kids wore their Vets gear as a tribute to their former school.”

The former Vets Hurricanes started their high school career as rivals of the Pilgrim students. In the end, they all graduated as proud Pilgrim Patriots.


The following students graduated from Pilgrim High School, Class of 2019, on Wednesday, June 5, 2019.

* – Rhode Island Honor Society
+ – National Honor Society
– Senior Project with Distinction
= – Senior Project, Honorable Mention
# – Italian Honor Society
X – French Honor Society
- – Spanish Honor Society

Danielle Louise Stone*+=
Anthony Joseph Youngs
John Moses Achille
Max Pires Adamczyk*+^
Lindsey Christine Adams
Oluwaseyi Olukunle Akinnusotu
Kamrin Robert Almeida
Samantha Lee Almonte
Da’Naja Janet Sue Alpaio
Hailey Marie Altieri*-
Cameron Michael Amaral*
Jesse Cole Antonelli
Adriana Joy Arsenault
Evan Domenic Asadorian*
Emmanuel Emilio Baez
Breanna Raelyn Bailey
Marie Rose Balemian*+=
Jessica Rose Barstow=
Michael Richard Bartholomew
Carlos John Battison
Evan Timothy Beauchemin
June Malyce Beauregard*+#=
Emma Rose Beebe
Ariana Leigh Bidon*^
Angela Elizabeth Black
Sydney Theresa Blair=
Gabriella Madison Blumenstock
Kristina E. Boiano*#^
Alex Michael Borden=
Brianna Lee Borges=
Samantha Kristen Boulay*
Andrew Carl Bowen=
Zachary Roland Bowen@
Brianna Lisette Boxwell
Mackenzie Elizabeth Bradshaw
Trae John Brito
Alexandra Anne Brown
Mark Anthony Brown Jr.=
Michael Raymond Brown
Samantha Rose Brown*+x
Rachel Rose Buchanan
Wilfredo Burgos
Shawn Patrick Burke
Stephen M. Burns Jr.
Polo Jesus Cabana-Ortiz*
Julianna Lynn Cameron*+-=
Timothy Robert Ami Candela*
Maxwell Joseph Caracuzzo*
Benjamin Joseph Carcieri
Sierra Natividad Cardenas=
Savannah Lennox Carey
Sara D. Carlow
Julianne Marie Carroll*
Mitchell Kenneth Carvalho
Peyton Brianna Casey
Jake William Castaldi
Anna Cetera*+-=
Jordan Thomas Chaplin@
Olivia Mackinze Chevian=
Christa-Elizabeth Cicerone*
Jack Lawrence Clements*#=
Cameron Patrick Cochran
Zoe Lyn Coleman*=
Sean Patrick Colleran
Margaret Elizabeth Connor*=
Caitlin Nicole Conway
Serena Rae Cook*+-
Zachery Steven Cook
Megan Carol Cooney
Carolyn Joy Corley*
Jake Joseph Correia
Ryan K. Corrigan*+=
Justin Richard Couto=
Destinee Rose Crum*
Adrianna Marie Curley
Robert D’Agostino
David Carmino D’Andrea*-
Kylie Marie Damato
Eion Thomas Daniels
Juliet Noelle Dean=
David Song DelGiudice*+=
David Matthew DeLory
Ethan DeMelo@*
Isabella Mercedes DeMelo*+-
Anthony Michael DeSimone
Kelly Ann DeSantis
Emidio Alexandré DeSousaRosa@
Ryan Andrew Dias
Madison Rose Diffley*
Andrea Marie DiMauro
Thomas Walter DiPetrillo
Luke Donovan
Madison Hope Dowling*+-
Corinna Elizabeth Dreyer
Zajdele Loukas Ducline=
Kathryn Jane Duranleau
Brian Raymond Dusseault
Ronald Raymond Dutra-Arnold
Daphne Nicole Eckert*=
Jamie Lee Eddy*=
Moneikah Beth Ellsworth=
Dawson Robert Enright
Katie R. Faiola
Caitlyn Marie Fallon*+=
Natalie Rose Fayx
Damon Edward Feeney
Falon Alexandrea Fiore
Diavion Kiara Fonseca=
Joseph Thomas Fortier
Ciannie Marie Foster=
Aaron Michael Fox
Colin Francis Gallagher
Kathryn Amanda Gardiner*+x
Abigail Rose Gardner
Brianna Rose Garvey*^
Sarah Anne Genuario*=
Kailey Elizabeth Giarrusso
Lila Rae Giguere*
Emily Riley Goff*=
Chelsea Ambar Gonzalez=
Sarah Michelle Goodman
Alyssa Rose Gould
Keith Allen Gracie Jr.
Renzel Lorenzo Greene
Zachary Thomas Greene
Robert Henry Grzyb
Russell David Gundlach*=
Celeste Joy Hadley
Madison Rose Haley
Francis Albert Halliwell
Michael Joseph Hampson*#
Michael William Harmon
Helen He*+-
Emily Paige Hogan*+x
Theodore John Hopkins*+^
Cameron Scott Hough
Evan Joseph Huddon
Cailyn Marie Iavarone
Sara Jackson
Nicholas Peter Jaggi*+^
Carter Stanley William Jimmis*-
Jason Nicholas Joseph =
McKayla Lynn Karpinski
Allen Warren Killilea
Emily J. King*+-
Ashley Rose Kinsley*
Nicole LeeAnn Kinsley^
Keeley Lynn Kirejczyk*+-=
Rayna Elizabeth Kruzona*+=
Zachary Joseph Lafontaine=
Normand S. Larocque
Daniel Albert Lavender*+=
McKenna Nicole Leahy
Harley Delila LeClair*
Angel Matias Leiva
Kathryn A. Leland=
Peter C. Letizia Jr.
Scott Anthony Lewis*
Anastasia Lieng
Tom Alix Lincourt
Jonathan Rei Lourenco
Kristine Bianca Love
Abigail Leonor Magiera*+-=
Brandon Albert Major
Carmina Adriana Maloney
Haley Jean Marchetti=
Eliza Aisha Marines
Francesca Emily Sage Maroni*=
Giulia L. Marsella
Kane Michael Amos Martinez
Kayla Amie Martini*
William Michael Martino@
Alexis Noelle Mason*
Colby Scott Mastrostefano*@
Sheila Lyrily Matos Mendez
Evelyn Cecilia Mattzer
Aiden Douglas Maxwell=
Teresa Eileen Maynard
Ariella Lee McCormick
Elizabeth Louise McGowan*
Marilyn Joanne McKay
Joshua Albias McNamara@=
Benjamin Daniel McQuade*x
Connor Michael Melchor
Zachary Steven Merritt
Brianna Lee Messier
Noel Chandler Sanders Metz*
Zachary Ian Miller
Joseph Edward Morris
Abigail Elizabeth Morton
Anthony Alfred Moussally
Jeremiah James Mullane*
Michael Anthony Musitano
Kevin Estuardo Navas*
Jada Aesia O’Brien*^
Grace Patricia O’Donnell*+x=
Victoria Lynn O’Leary
Aiden Peace O’Sullivan
Nadia Ouldsfiya*-^
Matthew Anthony Pacheco
Philip Ryan Page
Madison Arline Pagliarini@
William Michael Pariseau
Tyler Jason Parks
Samuel Thomas Passarelli
Annabelle Marie Paul
Alyssa Marie Peixinho*
Jakob Russell Pereira@
Krystal Marie Perrin
Erin Lynn Pestana
Jaron James Petrozzi
Jordan Riley Petrucci=
NiCara Betty Pierce
Alexis Brodeur Pierel
Ryan Douglas Pietros@
Rayvon Charnell Pimentel
Kyle Ryan Pincins=
Grace Marie Pine*=
Kayleigh Laura Plowman
Jonathan Michael Pollard*+
Kristine Pontarelli
Hailie Sue Poulin
Katarina Grace Almeida Powers
Sarah Ashley Pratt=
Marcus James Prezioso*+#
Miguel Antonio Prout, Jr.
Justin Riley Provonsil*
Thomas William Quell
Kasey Lisbeth Rafael-Pena=
Mariam Adel Rahim*-
Jordan Ariel Raleigh*+
Jada Noel Ray
Kyle Jeffrey Reiff
Steven David Renfree
Jose Luis Rivera
Tyler Anthony Robbio*
Tyler Keith Robitaille
Julian Carlos Rodas
Kaitlyn Marie Rodrigues*=
Demetrius Alec Rotondo
Jenna Lynn Salisbury*+-
Gerson Omar Santa Cruz, Jr.=
Mariano Alexsander Santos
Tylor William Santurri
Gabriel Jose Sarmiento
Hannah Marie Savitsky*+-=
Zachary Alfred Sayles=
Ashley Lynn Seel*#^
Joshua Ryan Sepulveda=
Autumn Rose Seymour
Julia Louise Shaw*+-^
Aimee Marie Sholl*x
Eva Silva*+-^
Jahliza Renee Silva-
Gabrielle Joyce Silvio=
Briana Lee Simas
Lauren Marie Simpson*+-
Benjamin Joseph Smith
Andrew Logan Soares
Isabelle Gallagher Sousa#
Emily Marie Souza*
Koby Scott Stamper
Ashley Cecilia Stewart=
Jennifer Elizabeth Stewart
Braden Paul Still
Kyle Thomas St. Jean
Victoria Janine St. Jean*+-^
Victoria A. Tatewosian*+x=
William Vasken Tatewosian*+x
Lora Thaler
Devin Thatcher
Olivia Thompson
Nolan Thornton
Avery Thurston
Jordan Tiberi*+#=
Nathan Tinley
Shawn Totten
Jacob Trivisonno*+
Deyana Underwood*+x=
Ja’mon Joseph vanHeyningen
Lauren Elizabeth Vannostrand*
Miranda Ann Vermette=
Alexis Lynn Vieira*+=
Chelsea Amber Vieira*+-=
Roberto Villalona
Ian William Vincent*^
Lindsay Jade Vong=
Justin Russell Walker
William Joseph Walker
Kiara Rose Ware*+-
Brandon Coty Watkins*
John Drew Weigner
Kevin Patrick Welsh
Dylan Joseph Wheeler
Emma June Williams*+-=
Brandon Yia Yang
Mason Tyler Yankee


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Congratulations all Graduates! It was not an easy transition but you made it and paved the way!

Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Congrats to all the graduates !!! Job well done !!

Tuesday, June 11, 2019