Maybe I could watch television in peace

Posted 9/6/22

Hubby has been somewhat technology challenged when it comes to using his smart phone, generally only using it for telephone calls and texts.  Imagine my surprise when he sat here next to me on …

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Maybe I could watch television in peace


Hubby has been somewhat technology challenged when it comes to using his smart phone, generally only using it for telephone calls and texts.  Imagine my surprise when he sat here next to me on the couch, while I was captivated with a favorite television show, and started spouting interesting things he found on the internet.  He insisted he had not “searched” for anything, but that thought provoking tidbits just found his way onto his phone. 

It appears that Dollar Tree will not give refunds, and it is clearly stated at the bottom of the receipt if one looks closely enough.  They will provide an exchange of unopened items if dissatisfied with the item and a receipt is available. One unhappy customer, apparently unaware of the exchange policy, was rebuffed when she tried to get her money back. She argued with the cashier while holding up the line of waiting customers.  Each of the customers pitched in a quarter to give her her money back, but it only added up to one dollar, not the new dollar and a quarter price.  Finally, she huffed out of the store, taking both the change offered to her and her unreturned item. Learning something new, Hubby warned me that the next time I go shopping at Dollar Tree, I must be sure of my purchase because I will not get a refund.

Hubby has also been searching for helpful things to make life easier, and he is convinced that we need to purchase glow in the dark toilet paper, a hook to dunk our Oreos without dropping them into the milk, flatulence filtering underwear, (a need for him more than myself,) umbrella hats, (which would be great for me considering my aversion to regular umbrellas because I have always been afraid I would get poked in the eye with one of the prongs,) and a car French fry holder, (which would be awesome because the fries always get dropped between the seats.)

After I decided I really wanted the car French fry holder, Hubby was alerted to my secret French fry habit, and he researched ways for us to lose weight. He was looking to compare diets such as the Atkins Diet and the Mediterranean Diet, but learned so much more information!  For instance, if a person sleeps an hour extra every night, he/she can lose fourteen pounds a year!  There is evidence that more than seven hours of sleep slows one’s appetite for the coming day. Skipping the bacon, eliminating meat toppings on the pizza, and cutting back on sugar also contributes to weight loss, but I did not need the internet to tell me that, it appears to be common sense.  What it NOT common sense is the suggestion to chew a strong, minty flavored gum before eating, which can overpower the great taste of the food so less food is consumed, or the suggestion to serve food on smaller dishes. He also informed me that drinking my beloved Diet Coke does not facilitate weight loss because the diet sweetener in such sodas can actually increase belly fat.  (Therefore, I could be skinny overall, but have a pot belly facilitated by drinking diet soda.) He also pointed out that stress that cause weight gain, not by the secondary act of just eating more, but because higher cortisol levels also lead to weight gains in the belly.  So, no more Diet Coke and much less stress, easier said than done by most, I would assume, especially true for me with five adult kiddos and six grandchildren with various problems.  The only answer I can think of is to move to our tiny house in New Hampshire, without internet and phone service.  Oh, wait…then he won’t be able to research any more fun facts.  That would not be so bad…maybe I could watch television in peace.


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