MLB pitch clock has worked wonders

Posted 4/12/23

After years and years of discussion, Major League Baseball finally implemented a pitch clock for the season and the results have been wildly affective through the first two weeks.

It is no secret …

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MLB pitch clock has worked wonders


After years and years of discussion, Major League Baseball finally implemented a pitch clock for the season and the results have been wildly affective through the first two weeks.

It is no secret that America’s pastime has been freefalling in the past decade plus in terms of popularity and viewership in the country. Even at the youth level, kids are just not as excited to hit the diamond as they used to be and you are seeing other sports emerge and take over.

I am not an umpire, so do not quote me on this, but from what I understand, the way the pitch clock works is that from the time the catcher receives the ball, the pitcher has 20 seconds to start his wind up on the next pitch. The batter must also be in the batter’s box ready to go.

To this point, the average Major League Baseball game has decreased by nearly 30 minutes since last year. Although some traditionalists have been frustrated with the new system, and many of the players have expressed their dissatisfaction, I think it is a necessary step and we are already reaping the benefits.

I will admit, I am one of those collapsed baseball fans. 10 years ago, I used to watch at least a game or two a week but since, it has become more like a game or two a month. I just don’t have the patience for it, especially at the professional level. There is no reason that a game should exceed three hours barring extra innings, of course.

With the pitch clock, games have been roughly 2 hours and 30 minutes. That is much more doable and sustainable as a viewer. I have already watched multiple Red Sox games this year and enjoyed them more than I have in the past decade.

I can understand why the players opposed this. It is a major adjustment for both the pitcher and the batter. Baseball is such a mental game, and needing to speed everything up while maintaining your focus is difficult to say the least. Especially at the highest level in the world.

But, at the same time, if these players want to continue to get paid millions of dollars, they are going to need to keep the fans engaged. This clock will allow them to do just that.

As a fan, I also love the dynamic that the clock creates. It adds an element of suspense wondering if the pitcher and batter will make it in time to beat the clock once you see it ticking down. I know that the effects are massive in terms of the game, but once again, this is a sport that desperately needed a shake up.

In my opinion, they should implement a pitch clock all the way down to the youth level. Obviously, the younger you go, the more time should be allowed. But at the end of the day, the pitch clock is refreshing and if it is becoming common practice at the professional level, we should probably introduce it to kids at a young age.

Even at the high school level, games seem to be going longer than when I first started covering sports 10 years ago. The days of getting a two-hour baseball game are long gone and although I still enjoy covering the sport, there are times when games do drag on. I can’t wrap my head around how seven inning games can sometimes last three hours.

I am surprised by the number of fans that are opposed to the pitch clock as well. I would say most people are for it, but it is pretty close to 50-50 from what I have gathered by simply talking to people and keeping up with the topic on social media.

Why not speed the game up? Why not take out the in-between that has dragged the game down? Do we really need to watch the pitchers walk around the mound in circles gathering themselves, do we need to see the batters take three, four looks down the third base line to their coach all while spending a minute readjusting their batting gloves? That is the type of dillydallying that has become painful to watch. The clock cuts that all out and I love it.

Beyond the pitch clock, I am actually for most of the proposed rules they have come to the table the last few years. Whether it is putting a runner on second base to start extra innings, putting an end to the shift in the infield, all of it. Baseball is a sport that has become stale and it is a shame to see considering the cultural significance it has in our country. Baseball has a beautiful history and it is disappointing to see things turning sideways. It is time to make some adjustments and revitalize the game.

So, let’s embrace change. Let’s recognize the importance of the sport of baseball and its place in our country.

Sure, implementing these changes does impact the game in ways that may be drastic. But, to be frank, the sport has lost the younger generation. If we continue to lose that demographic, the sport will eventually fold. In my opinion, the pitch clock, among other rule changes, is what will save America’s pastime.

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