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Posted 10/4/18

DRIVING UNDER THE INFLUENCEOn Sept. 26 at approximately 9:11 p.m. Officer Derek Mourato pulled a car over on Route 95 for speeding and swerving in and out of lanes. The driver was identified as Joel …

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Police Log


On Sept. 26 at approximately 9:11 p.m. Officer Derek Mourato pulled a car over on Route 95 for speeding and swerving in and out of lanes.
The driver was identified as Joel Osborne, 28, of 54 Ashmont St. in Providence. The officer said he saw Osborne attempting to conceal a nearly empty bottle of Corona beer underneath the driver’s seat as he was walking up to the car.
Osborne said that he had one beer that night, though the officer observed him to have bloodshot eyes, an alcoholic odor coming from his breath, and his speech was slurred and mumbled. His movements were also slow and sluggish, and the Officer had him take a series of field sobriety tests.
During the test, the officer said Osborne had trouble following directions, and the officer observed nearly all clues indicating that Osborne was impaired.
Osborne was placed in handcuffs for suspicion of DUI and transported to police headquarters.
While there, Osborne refused to submit to chemical B.A.C. tests. He also became angry with the officer, swearing at him, and continued refusing to take the tests.
Osborne was charged with DUI/Drugs/Alcohol, 1st Offense – B.A.C. Unknown and was issued citations for Refusal to Submit to a Chemical Test, Laned Roadway Violations, and Possession of Marijuana, 1 Oz. or Less, as 6.2 grams of marijuana had been found in his car when it was searched. He was given court summons and turned over to the jailor.

On Sept. 29 at approximately 10:52 p.m. Sergeants Jedidiah Pineau and Stephen Major pulled over a car that was speeding on Route 95 North.
The driver was identified as Aidan Ofarrell, 22, of 90 Blueberry Ln. in Jamestown.  While Sgt. Pineau was going to his cruiser to use the computer, Sgt. Major told him he saw a half burned marijuana cigarette in the center console area, but when Sgt. Pineau went back it wasn’t there, and Sgt. Major said Ofarrell must have moved it.
When questioned, Ofarrell said he had no knowledge of any marijuana in the car, but when questioned further he said it was a rolled cigarette in the center console and he had stuffed it in between the seats.
Ofarrell stepped out of the vehicle while it was searched, and told the officers that there would be numerous marijuana roaches in the car but he didn’t have any other marijuana.
While searching the vehicle, they found an unlabeled pill bottle in Ofarrell’s backpack that contained three pills of amphetamine/dextroamphetamine, a schedule II drug. Ofarrell could not provide a proper written prescription for the pills. They also found a small plastic bag of marijuana in the glove box.
Ofarrell was taken to police headquarters and was charged with Possession of Schedule I-V and Possession of Marijuana, 1 Oz. or Less. The drugs were entered into evidence and he was given court summons.

On Sept. 25 at approximately 1:06 p.m. Sergeant Jedidiah Pineau pulled over a car in the area of Metro Center Blvd. after he ran its registration in the system and found that its registration was suspended.
The driver of the car was identified as Shaun Marrow, 39, of 182 Freeborn Ave. Apt. #2 in East Providence. The Sgt. found that Marrow’s license was suspended and he had four previous convictions of driving on a suspended license or driving without a license.
Marrow was charged with Driving on Suspended License, 3rd of Subsequent Offense and was given a court summons. He was released on scene and his vehicle was towed to his address.

On Sept. 23 at approximately 5:10 p.m. Officer Matthew Caradimos responded to the Macy’s at Warwick Mall for the report of shoplifter in custody.
The Loss Prevention associate at Macy’s said that while he was conducting surveillance of the store around 4:15 p.m. that day he saw a male, later identified as Christopher Lindskog, 27, of 417 Brown St. Apt. #6 in Attleboro, Mass., selecting a large number of children’s items and clothing merchandise from the store and putting it in bags.
He said he then saw Lindskog go into the fitting room for several minutes, then leave with large bags of merchandise and walk out of the store without paying.
The Loss Prevention associate then apprehended Lindskog outside the store and took him back in without incident.
Lindskog had tried shoplifting a total of 19 items at a total value of $569 from the store.
Lindskog was apologetic when the officer spoke with him and he was taken to police headquarters. He said he knew what he did was wrong and was apologetic. He was held for the next session with the bail commissioner and charged with Shoplifting – Misdemeanor.
On Sept. 29 at approximately 8:44 p.m. Officer Ryan Lancaster responded to the Walmart at the Rhode Island Mall for the report of a shoplifting in progress.
Upon arrival, he spoke with the Asset Protection associate, who told him that a male subject had concealed multiple items in his backpack and had not yet left the store. The officer saw the male and a female he was with at the self-checkout area, where she was paying for items but the asset protection associate said the male had not taken any of the items out of his backpack to pay for them.
The officer detained the suspect, who was identified as Michael Murphy, 24, of 972 Gough Ave. Apt. #17 in West Warwick.
The items Murphy had tried shoplifting were all recovered, and included a pair of headphones, boxer briefs, and a sweatshirt. The total value was $53.52. Murphy admitted that he did not intend to pay for the items.
Murphy was charged on scene with Shoplifting – Misdemeanor and was released with a court summons.

On Sept. 25 at approximately 6:51 p.m. Officer Ali Jaafar pulled over a car on Post Rd. after he checked in the system and found that the driver, identified as Justin McPeake, 35, of 1312 Eddy St. in Providence, had an active affidavit warrant out of the Pawtucket Police Dept. for shoplifting. McPeake was placed into custody and later picked up by Pawtucket Police.
The passenger of the vehicle was identified as Matthew Lamoore, 25, of 2020 Elmwood Ave. in Warwick. He was also found to have three active bench warrants out on him for failing to appear in court on an original charge of Breaking and Entering. Lamoore was taken into custody and later transported to the ACI.


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