2022-2023 ACTION PLAN
April 14, 2022 * 3:00 P.M. * CITY OF WARWICK


The City of Warwick will hold a public hearing to give interested citizens an opportunity to comment on its proposed Consolidated Community Development Plan for Fiscal Year 2022/2023.  The hearing will be held April 14, 2022, at 3:00 p.m. at City of Warwick Office of Housing & Community Development, 61 Hoxsie Avenue (door #20), Warwick.  Facilities are accessible for people with disabilities.  If you are in need of interpreter services for the hearing impaired, please contact the Office of Housing & Community Development at 738-2009 or  not less than 48 hours in advance of the hearing date.

The Consolidated Community Development Plan is required by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development for the City to receive Community Development Block Grant Funds.  For the fiscal year starting July 1, 2022, and running to June 30, 2023, Warwick expects to receive $995,841 estimated CDBG funds.  This money can be used for the following types of activities: Housing Rehabilitation, Public Works and Facilities, Economic Development, Social Services, Assistance to Non-Profit Organizations, Planning and Administration. If there is either an increase/decrease in funding, funds will be allocated in accordance to the contingencies outlined in the AAP.  The City expects that in excess of 70% of the funds will be expended on activities that benefit primarily low and moderate-income people.

The Consolidated Community Development Plan includes the following information:

I. A description of the process by which the Plan was developed, including the organizations consulted during the planning process.

II. A description of the process for citizen participation in the development of the Plan.

III.  Identification of the City’s housing and community development needs, including the needs of low and moderate income people for housing assistance; the needs of  the homeless and of sub-groups of the community (elderly, disabled and so on) with special needs for supportive housing; public housing needs; lead-based paint needs and non-housing community development needs.  The Plan also discusses housing market conditions and resources available to assist those with special housing needs.  Finally, the Plan notes impediments to affordable housing.

IV. The City’s Strategic Plan for Housing and Community Development for the next five (5) years, including the resources available to address housing and community development needs and the City’s housing and community development objectives in the areas of affordable housing, homelessness, other special needs and non-housing community development. This section also discusses the City’s strategy for dealing with barriers to affordable housing and lead-based paint and its anti-poverty strategy. Finally, it describes the institutional structure for carrying out the strategy and means for coordinating among the various parties involved.

V. The City’s One-year Action Plan, including the proposed use of estimated CDBG funds & Program Income. The following activities are proposed for funding:

 1. Public Service Grant Awards $154,246
Boys & Girls Club Oakland Beach Operations  ($14,000)
Bridgemark, Inc. - Case Management & ASL Interpreters  ($5,000)
Cornerstone Adult Services – Alzheimer’s Activities Program  ($18,000)
Crossroads Rhode Island – Supportive Services  ($3,500)
Day One – Children’s Advocacy  ($5,000)
EBC House, Inc. – Victim Safety & Self Sufficiency  ($15,000)
FRIENDS Way – Children’s Bereavement Center   ($7,000)
House of Hope – Supportive Services Program  ($12,500)
Thrive Behavioral Health - Victims of Trauma  ($21,246)
Westbay Community Action - Children’s Center Case Manager  ($23,000)
Westbay Community Action - Social Services Case Manager  ($30,000)

2. Site/Public Facility Improvement, Housing Grant Awards & Playground/Neighborhood Improvement

A. Proposed Site/Public Facility Improvements  $108,187
Cornerstone Adult Services – Memory Care Center Capital Items  ($108,187)

B. Proposed Housing Related Projects  $155,000
Bridgemark, Inc. – Transitional Housing Projects  ($10,000)
Crossroads Rhode Island – 165 Beach Avenue Apartments  ($25,000)
House of Hope – Housing Heating Systems  ($20,000)
Westbay Community Action – Home Repair Program  ($50,000)
City of Warwick Home Improvement Loan Program ($50,000)

C. Playground/Neighborhood Improvement $424,636

3. Rehabilitation Administration Expense  $114,850
Planning & Administration Expense  $232,303
5. CDBG-CV Funds $45,000
Boys & Girls Club Childcare Scholarships  ($25,000)
Cornerstone Adult Day Services  ($20,000)

6. Prior Year CDBG Funds
PY 2016  $39,824
PY 2018  $50,000
PY 2019  $295,886
PY 2020  $485,898
PY 2021  $442,125

Draft copies of the proposed Action Plan will be available, for inspection and public comment for 30 days, on the Office of Housing & Community Development’s webpage at beginning on April 7, 2022.  Comments on the Plan may be made at the public hearing or may be submitted in writing to the Office of Housing & Community Development, 3275 Post Road, Warwick, Rhode Island 02886-7191, Attention: William R. Facente or emailed to  All comments must be received by 4:30 p.m. on May 10, 2022 (30 days after the Plan is available).

For more information, contact William R. Facente at 401-921-9688.

Frank J. Picozzi, Mayor



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