Office of the Clerk of the
Superior Court.
Kent County, RI
Civil Action File Number


COVENTRY LUMBER, INC.              


Erika Frazen, Sean Hunter, SMD Realty, Inc.
d/b/a SMD Construction, Inc.

    The Petitioner has filed a petition in equity in the Superior Court representing that the Respondents are indebted to the Petitioner in the sum of $14,908.12, including interest according to the amount filed with the petition, for materials furnished, and work and labor performed in the construction, erection, and reparation of a certain building belonging to the Respondents situated in the city or town of Warwick upon a lot of land owned by the Respondent in fee simple, bounded and described as follows:

175 Edgehill Road
Warwick, RI 02889
Parcel ID: 328-0008

    The Petitioner claims a lien for the sum above, with interest and costs, and requests that said lien be enforced against the land and building listed above, and against the right, title, and interest that the Owners thereof, had in and to the same at the time said Petitioner’s lien accrued thereon, and attached thereto, and that the same may be sold to satisfy said claim of the Petitioner, and all other accounts and demands for which the same is pledged and liable by Title 34, Chapter 28 of the General Laws of 1956 and any amendments thereto.

    Notice is hereby given to all persons having a lien by virtue of said Title and Chapter of the General Laws and amendments thereto, a mortgage or an attachment, or any other claim on all or any part of said property, respond if they see fit, before the Superior Court at 222 Quaker Lane, Warwick, within the County of Kent, on the 25th of October 2023 and make out their demands against the same.

/s/ Danielle Keegan


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