Supporting small businesses

Posted 12/4/18

To the Editor:With the holiday shopping season in full swing, I’d like to encourage the community to visit the numerous small businesses in our city. Warwick is filled with great …

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Supporting small businesses


To the Editor:
With the holiday shopping season in full swing, I’d like to encourage the community to visit the numerous small businesses in our city. Warwick is filled with great restaurants, bars, retailers, manufactures and other small businesses. These local businesses are the backbone of our economy, creating a number of new jobs every year, employing our residents, and paying taxes that support our schools and city services. 
Unfortunately, in the past few weeks a couple of local businesses closed down. While this news is sad to say the least, the City Council and Mayor Solomon continue to work hard to make Warwick a great place to do business. One goal of the Finance Committee on which I serve is to get more Warwick companies to bid on city contracts. The city has updated its records and reaches out to local businesses to ensure they know about new bidding opportunities. We also passed an ordinance with the goal of assisting sole proprietorships in Warwick.
Additionally, Mayor Solomon recently signed an executive order to expedite the fire plan review process for potential businesses. We learned that these reviews could sometimes take up to two months to complete, slowing down the remainder of the city’s e-permitting process and delaying the opening of new businesses. Wanting to strengthen our economic development, Mayor Solomon created a plan that will allow qualified and licensed firms to provide safety review services if so desired by the developer. This streamlined process will allow new businesses to open sooner. 
The above are just a few recent examples of how the City Council and the mayor are working together to support our business environment. As the holiday season continues, I hope you will consider shopping and dining locally, supporting Warwick small businesses and, by extension, our entire community.

Steve McAllister
City Council Ward 7


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richard corrente

Dear Steve McAlister,

Ward 7 is well represented by you.

I was at the Finance Committee meeting last night and saw first-hand how meticulous you, Finance Chair Ed Ladeusour, and the rest of your committee was, going over the several items on the docket. It pained me to notice that I was the only person in the audience that didn't have to be there, but I saw you, and your committee discuss a repair to the Fire Department boat engine for almost a half hour before granting funds to repair it. That is spending the taxpayers money carefully and I, for one, appreciate it.

I have stated before that I think this is the best Council Warwick has had this century and you are a major part of that success. Please keep saving money for the 80,000 taxpayers that are paying the tab.

Merry Christmas to you and your family.

Rick Corrente

The Taxpayers Mayor

Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Councilman McAllister is far too intelligent to fall for the two-time election reject's pandering and double-speak.

I am sure he, like many honest, taxpaying voters, remembers that up until a few weeks ago, the two-time election reject was calling the city council "tax-and-spend political insiders" and has repeatedly and falsely claimed that city councilors credited his 2016 blowout loss for their FY17 budget decision.

I'd also think that Councilman McAllister -- as someone who actually earned his official title by getting elected -- would take issue with a two-time election loser referring to himself by a made-up and fake title that he neither earned nor deserves.

Then again, the two-time election reject has so little effect on anything that happens in Warwick that it's highly likely that Councilman McAllister simply ignores his delusional and disgraceful behavior.

Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Mr. McAllister, I would love to hear a 6 month update on the expedited review process and how it is working. Let's agree to follow up on June 5, 2019 to see how its going. Hopefully, no outside issues will impede this process.

Wednesday, December 5, 2018

The two-time election reject's continued obsession and lies about a former city staffer are more proof -- not less -- of his overwhelmingly defective behavior.

His name-calling toward a former Warwick chief of staff is not only juvenile and cowardly, it is falsely directed at someone who has not worked for the city since 2014. The two-time election reject has never provided any facts to explain why someone who left the city in 2014 would start commenting on the Beacon website in 2016.

As a result, readers can safely assume that he is lying about the user of this screen name, as he has lied so often about so many other things.

He has not called Mr. Carruolo, because he will not say, clearly and directly, that he has. And when he does, the two-time election reject will learn how wrong he is -- which is also why he will not actually do it. As long as he avoids actually contacting Mr. Carruolo, the two-time election reject can maintain his delusional ideas and make believe that he is somehow right.

He's not, though. He is wrong. His statements are false.

Honest, taxpaying voters in Warwick know that, and we are celebrating our winter holidays, happy in the knowledge that we rejected his disgraceful behavior again in 2018.

Friday, December 7, 2018

Now I know why RC can't figure out how to provide proof of his statements. He doesn't understand the definition or meaning of the word. Nor does he have basic comprehension reading skills.

CR: "He has not called Mr. Carruolo, because he will not say, clearly and directly, that he has." -

RC: "Only Mark Carruolo would know if I called Mark Carruolo! No one BUT HIM would know that!!!

Friday, December 7, 2018

Cat, once again you expose the two-time election reject for the defects that led to two straight election defeats.

Did he say he called Mark Carruolo?

No. He said everything except that.

First he said Mr. Carruolo should call him -- and then he said only Mr. Carruolo would know if he had called him [when, obviously, the two-time election reject would know, as well].

Finally -- although it was buried in more of his gibberish -- the two-time election reject actually admitted that he hasn't called Mr. Carruolo yet.

So, ultimately we got our answer, Cat. The two-time election reject has made a disgrace of himself again, failed to prove another of his claims, and finally contradicted himself in disgraceful fashion.

Friday, December 7, 2018