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There is hardly ever a time when the expression “call in the experts” applies more than when it comes to servicing a vehicle’s transmission.  With the chilly temperatures of a … more
There are some events in life that one can plan for ~ the impending birth of a child that requires expansion, or, on the other end, the need to downsize brought on by an empty nest.  A young … more
Over twenty-five years ago, David Picozzi had a vision of a hometown barber shop, the kind of place where men and boys could go to shed a few unwanted hairs ~ and the cares of the world ~ all in one … more
For Warwick natives and dedicated “snowbirds” Fred and Barbara, returning to Rhode Island after an extended stay in Florida means one thing and that is a long, relaxing, and … more
It may just be another ordinary job at the office for some, but for Harris Alkins of Harris Blinds & Shutters, it is anything but ordinary. Harris Alkins is on the road again, delivering the kind … more
Summertime is for celebrations, big and small.  It is for beach balls, sand toys, colorful beach bags and drinks by the sea. Summertime is a time to spend in the garden, or around the campfire, … more
The dashboard thermometer reads 93 degrees and steam is rising off the sidewalk. You can cut the humidity with a knife.  Summer in New England is no joke, and for many, even just the thought of … more
If you have ever driven down Post Road in Warwick, there is a good chance that you have cruised right past one of the city’s the best kept culinary secrets ~ China Sea. China Sea is a cozy, … more
Some places endure challenges that would otherwise set a less resilient business back, but Han Palace has staying power! After thirty-one years, this “fan favorite” is still going strong … more
Travelers in Warwick will be thrilled to find a culinary gem at the end of a long, windy detour off the main strip of West Shore Road. The glistening waters of Warwick Cove beckon those travelers to … more
Better grab a handful of napkins when you order the Pu-Pu Platter from The Islander, because you are going to need them. The Islander’s Pu-Pu Platter is a flaming hibachi of egg rolls, fried … more
            When you have been in business for thirty years, you know what it means to have “staying power”.  You know that … more
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