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THIRTY years. Let that number sit with you for a while. In fact, let that number sit with you while you relax in the swivel chair of barber Dave Picozzi, the owner of his thirty-year … more
Often in life, simple words can say it all.  This is certainly the case with the beautifully articulated words found on the website of the Chapel of St. Therese of Lisieux. “Since 2000, we … more
It may just be another ordinary job at the office for some, but for Harris Alkins of Harris Blinds & Shutters, it is anything but ordinary.  Harris Alkins is on the road again, delivering … more
Why labor in your kitchen this fall when your back-to-school life is so busy? Let the longtime chefs at this popular restaurant do the cooking! Come to Han Palace on 2470 West Shore Road … more
When you have been in business for over thirty years, you know what it means to have “staying power”.  You know that shoddy workmanship, poor customer service, and a general lack of … more
When was the last time you looked in the mirror and actually liked who you saw? Not just a casual glance to check your makeup or shave a wayward beard. Not a critical look at your waistline or … more
  Whether you are a local fan or are just passing through Warwick, you will always find a comfortable seat, heaping portions of authentic Chinese food and the warm hospitality of the friendly … more
If you are a fan of Jamaica’s pristine beaches, cloudless skies, and vibrant culture, there is a good chance you are also a fan of their ever-popular polo team! Their dashing players and … more
Crunchy. Golden on the outside, creamy on the inside. Mouth-watering. Decadent. These are all words which describe the enticing Crab Rangoon at China Sea, the home of flavorful and tempting … more
When a jury is out deliberating, there are only two possible outcomes ~ innocence or guilt. If The Courthouse Deli were to be a plaintiff, a jury could only come up with one verdict after eating ANY … more
There are a lot of sounds one expects to hear at a corner barber shop ~ the buzzing sound of the shears, the snipping sound of the scissors, the squeaky sound of the swivel chair as it spins in place … more
If you are ever fortunate enough to pass through the doors of the Chapel of St. Therese of Lisieux, there are a few things you should expect: One, you should expect to feel completely at home ~ … more
A sky full of pillowy clouds drift above a crystal blue ocean while soft breezes ruffle the beach umbrellas of sunbathers, basking in the Jamaica sun. Palm trees sway, breezes blow, ice cubes clink … more
Find your way down West Shore Road and discover the finest in Cantonese, Shanghai, Szechuan, Hunan and Peking Cuisine at this longstanding restaurant in Warwick.   Han Palace has been … more
Though it may not feel like it yet, summer is less than a week away! Summer is the perfect time for ROAD TRIPS, so travel-planners who have big cross-country ambitions or for those with more local … more
If you are a cruise-enthusiast for whom the world truly is your “oyster,” then look no further than the newest member of Carnival Cruise Line’s® fleet, Carnival Venezia, for … more
The days are getting longer as the calendar inches towards June 21st, the first day of summer. Many dream of sunbaked days at the beach, hanging around outside and stargazing until all hours of the … more
For Chinese food lovers in Rhode Island, one of Warwick’s most popular culinary destinations is the Islander Restaurant. This enduring landmark on West Shore Road is home to a huge variety of … more
There was a time when you knew your barber like you knew your brother – and you shared your life story with him, just as though he was your brother. It seems as though those days are long gone … more
Travel. For some, the pure love of travel is just part of their DNA. Now that the world has opened up again, the desire to travel has exploded ~ and taken some new and exciting directions. Just ask … more
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