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As reported in last week’s Warwick Beacon, Warwick residents and officials seeking to gain some more insight and accountability into the goings on of the Rhode Island Airport Corporation (RIAC) … more
With the advent of Easter Sunday approaching this weekend for all of our observing Christian readers, it seems an appropriate time in light of recent events to dig deeper into the themes that have … more
There are few industries as quintessentially tied to the identity of a state as quahogging in Rhode Island. Over the decades, the industry has ebbed and flowed with changes to regulations, the … more
If democracy dies in darkness, that logic should dictate that government thrives under direct sunlight. Such is the theory championed and emphasized during Sunshine Week, occurring right now … more
If ever there was a worthy cause for taking righteous outrage to the vitriolic world of social media, the recent string of animal abandonment cases in Warwick in recent weeks and months certainly … more
With oversight hearings commencing to find out how Rhode Island wound up narrowly avoiding an unprecedented calamity – and instead just got stuck with an historic, exorbitantly expensive … more
There are phases in life where we all need a little extra help. Of course, babies and young children require constant attention, care, and support in order to grow up into healthy and happy … more
As 2024 kicks into gear, we’ve already seen a glimpse of the tumultuous times ahead. One section of the state remains cut off from the other, with no clear end to the chaos in sight, while … more
In the past week, news broke that different press outlets were charged differing amounts of money to access public records associated with the inspection and closure of the Washington Bridge. … more
A common saying for procrastinators everywhere is that “we’ll cross that bridge when we get there.” Well, the bridge is here, it’s possibly irreparably broken, and … more
As sure as life, death, and the Buffalo Bills losing in a high-stakes playoff game, so too is there a certainty that no state budget will satisfy every taxpayer that ultimately helps to foot the … more
It seems a little silly to be pontificating about the weather in a region that is nationally known for being absurdly inconsistent when it comes to the moods of Mother Nature. However, given … more
There are few qualities we value more in the media world than that of transparency. As the famous slogan of the Washington Post has long declared: “Democracy dies in darkness.” It … more
It may very well give a reader whiplash at how rapidly the onset of the artificial intelligence (AI) era has been ushered into our everyday discourse — but make no mistake, it is here, and not … more
If taking a 40-minute ferry ride in the middle of winter to get from Providence to Bristol wasn’t on your Christmas list — it seems like you have lots of company. This past Thursday, … more
I love Christmastime. I really do! I love the whole month leading up to Christmas far more than I love the day itself. The lights, the music, the atmosphere! And I love Christmas stories. I think … more
For those who celebrate Christmas, you already know that unless you come from a particularly affluent family, many items on your wish list will remain wishes even after Santa makes his worldwide tour … more
I wish I had taken physics, because I might better understand what happened to my dinner. I never got to eat it, or for that matter see it, although it was there. Carol expected I would be late, … more
Not in decades, and perhaps never like this before, has the state received such a sudden, dire reminder of the importance of our local infrastructure, and keeping up with the difficult process of … more
I went through a washing machine. Well, actually it was an MRI, but it could have been a washing machine. I share the experience because those familiar with the machine will hopefully get a … more
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