Social media incites debate over transgender bathroom use

By Kelcy Dolan
Posted 5/3/16

A single social media post has incited anger on both sides of a debate concerning a young high school girl at Pilgrim and which restroom she is using.

Ashlynn Cameron, 16, is a transgender female …

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Social media incites debate over transgender bathroom use


A single social media post has incited anger on both sides of a debate concerning a young high school girl at Pilgrim and which restroom she is using.

Ashlynn Cameron, 16, is a transgender female at Pilgrim High School. On Saturday afternoon, April 30, the Warwick WATCH page, operated by Stacia Huyler, posted that they were “informed” of other female students who were uncomfortable using the same changing rooms as Ashlynn.

Quickly, proponents on both sides began posting to the thread, but many of the posts from individuals in support of Ashlynn’s rights started to be deleted.

One woman, Martine Amrtine Danielle Picard, a self-declared trans-ally and activist, wrote, “I watched for several hours as easily a thousand well-worded and civil messages, including my own, were posted to the Warwick WATCH wall in support of Ashlynn and I watched almost all of those comments deleted.”

Ashlynn herself posted to the thread, admitting that she is the transgender female the post was berating. She questioned why people were so angry when, by law, she is permitted to use whichever bathroom and changing room she identifies with.

“I don’t know how I make these girls uncomfortable when I change in the bathroom stall, which have doors, and I mind my own business!!,” she wrote. “What is so wrong with my rights as a transgender teen/person.”

She argues that she is entitled to rights as much as anyone else. On her specific thread there are several who congratulate Ashylnn on standing up for herself and pledging their support.

Warwick WATCH responded misrepresenting Ashlynn several times, trying to claim that transgender individuals have a mental disease that should be treated with therapy and repeatedly trying to discredit Ashlynn’s gender, calling her male and asserting her biological identity is her only one.

As the only transgender female in her school, Ashlynn asked where the Warwick WATCH had the right to “out her to the community.

Warwick WATCH replied with “All anyone has to do is see your personal Facebook page!!”

In opposition to the Warwick WATCH page the hashtag #IStandWithAshlynn quickly became popular on Facebook.

Many students from Pilgrim began posting their own support on Ashlynn’s Facebook as well. Current and past students from Pilgrim admitted that they have never been uncomfortable and have no problem sharing a changing room or bathroom with a transgender female. Similarly, Superintendent Philip Thornton said to date he has not received any complaints from parents or students to his office on the issue.

Although Thornton has not seen the Facebook debate himself, he said the school department would continue to support their students, that the “law is clear” and students may use whichever lavatory or changing room he or she identifies with.

“We are going to continue to follow the law because that’s what is best for our students,” he said in a phone interview Monday morning.

The Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network (GLSEN) conducted a national survey that found more than 75 percent of transgender youth feel unsafe at their schools, and 59 percent of transyouth are denied access to the proper restroom.

The National Transgender Discrimination Survey, released in 2011 by the National Center for Transgender Equality and the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force, said that throughout New England 81 percent of transgender and non-gender conforming students experienced harassment while in school, 34 percent physical assault and 13 percent sexual violence. The organization is releasing their second survey later this year.

The National Coalition of Anti-Violence Programs, in their 2013 national report on hate violence for the LGBTQ community found that the transgender community experiences violence and hate crimes at a disproportionate rate than any other community. Seventy-two percent of all hate violence homicides were against transgender women. Transgender women are also nearly two times as likely to experience sexual violence against them.

Many comments from supporters expressed astonishment at the views of individual’s posts that were allowed to stay posted, in disbelief that grown adults would “bully” a child in such a way.

One commenter, Angela Baker Bray, wrote, “You’re picking on a minor…You realize that right? You have become a cyber bully.”

When the Beacon reached out to Huyler she said, “I have nothing to say to you” and promptly hung up.


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  • Justanidiot

    The easiest, and most cost effective way to deal with this is to close all the bathrooms in all the schools.

    Need to go?

    Well you should have thought about that before you came to school.

    Tuesday, May 3, 2016 Report this

  • WarwickWatch

    This is why we responded that we had nothing to say to you when you called yesterday Kelcy. The comments that were posted were filled with accusations of bigotry, hate, foul language, threats, accusations of bullying, etc... that's why they were deleted. This is the typical argument style of those who oppose the extremely irresponsible actions occurring within the Warwick Public School system. A student who a year ago was a full blown male, a year later identified as a female is allowed full access into the girls restroom and girls locker room without any privacy curtains installed in the girls locker room at Pilgrim. This is so irresponsible. The student, Ashlynn, has been very much public about coming out and we even gave him credit for that. Ashlynn also identified himself as the student and has commented numerous times on the post as well. We have stressed to Mr. Thornton, to Ashlynn and to parents as well that POLICY and EDUCATION is very important. We cannot just be a "free for all" city at the mercy of federal funding without the proper education, notice and LGBT policy put in place along with full public awareness. and input.

    Tuesday, May 3, 2016 Report this

  • WarwickWatch

    ‎Ashlynn Cameron‎ to Warwick WATCH

    Yesterday at 12:41am ·

    Tell me why u have such a problem with me being a transgender teen at pilgrim highschool?


    2Ryan Boisse and Hayley Hutchins


    Warwick WATCH Ashlynn this is Stacia here commenting to you. That was never the issue here. I'm not sure if your parents know you have been commenting on this post multiple times? This is about policy and protocol. Not everyone feels comfortable with LGBT issues , for whatever reasons, and it's their right to feel how they feel. It may stem from religious reasons, it may stem from lack of education and understanding. Whatever the case, the public has the right to know and weigh in. You can clearly see the division, and some of it is not nice to say the least, and the opposition clearly comes from both sides. So where is the middle ground? Do we as a community make everything one in our school system? Everyone use whatever bathroom/locker room? What about safety and security for all? Yes that most certainly includes you as well, absolutely. We don't live in a perfect world though. So again, where is that middle ground? Is the middle ground " you have no choice, tough"? I think there needs to be far more education and public discussion and education regarding LGBT issues and specific policies put in place and that parents are fully aware.

    Tuesday, May 3, 2016 Report this

  • WarwickWatch

    For the record, Mr. Thornton has received numerous public screen shots of Ashlynn as a male student at Pilgrim a year ago. This is why it so important that clear protocols are put in place as to what clinically constitutes a student as being a Transgender? Can any student at any time claim they identify with the opposite sex and therefore be allowed full access to the bathroom and locker room of their choice? If that's the case then why not have all of the student use any bathroom they choose and have them all change in the same locker room?

    In addition, the response to "all anyone has to do is look at his Facebook page" (many of Ashlynn's public posts have since been deleted/photos) was in response to an accusation that our page identified Ashlynn. Ashlynn was very much public and very much engaged in self identification. Thats why the comment was made after he commented numerous times on our post to "check out Ashlynn's personal Facebook page". All of his comments and our replies are still posted.

    Tuesday, May 3, 2016 Report this

  • WarwickWatch

    Gomes Elizabeth Dawn

    Gomes Elizabeth Dawn A lot of people on here are talking about calling Alex out, however I am just one of many who probably had no clue about this situation going on till it was posted. Warwick Watch did not out anyone. Alex spoke up for himself and brought this upon himself. I didn't know who this student was until he himself posted. Read the posts and you will clearly see Alex himself decided to call himself out.

    Like · Reply · Message · 1 · 4 hrs

    Tuesday, May 3, 2016 Report this

  • GoodGolly

    Stacia first of all, let me ask you what a "full blown male" is? Is there a difference between a male and a full blown? Perhaps you could explain. And while you are busy explaining and before you delete any more supportive comments ..oh can't do that here can you? Your skin is getting thinner with each supportive compassionate person who writes in defense of Ashlynn. Yes Ashlynn. Not Alex. SHE has never deserved your hateful and ugly behind the curtains insults and assaults. SHE is a 15 year old human being with rights. SHE has never hurt anyone and being a transgendered male/female is not a crime. You began this witch hunt using your forum and deleted comments and people such as myself throughout the day and into the night. How dare you bully a child. A cyber bully...that is what you are. People are finding out the truth now despite your deleting our comments. Just the fact that you did that shows how vile you are ..and also proves that Ashlynn along with many other human beings have a lot more support than you Ever imagined. You thought you were going to start something when you wrote your sure did. You opened a whole can of worms and they are on your hands. Perhaps you should Grow up and find something else to complain about on your forum...before you start taking candy from babies. Shame on you. Now remind me...what is "a full blown male" again?

    Tuesday, May 3, 2016 Report this

  • WarwickWatch

    Ashlynn Cameron And besides I am no where near a freak! Just like everyone else I am a human being who has rights and freedom! I'm tired of arguing, people have been so kind and supportive for me being able to use the bathroom! In have been the mature one here, i respect every bodies opinions and k take them into consideration but these people are doing is not taking my opinion in to consideration!

    Like · Reply · Message · 6 · 13 hrs

    Ashlynn Cameron

    Ashlynn Cameron And just like any other person, I play sports, I volunteer at a senior center, I walk my dog, I do what I love! Why am I getting treated like I am less than a cis person?

    Like · Reply · Message · 1 · 13 hrs

    Warwick WATCH

    Warwick WATCH Ashlynn Cameron who stated you were a freak? We wouldn't allow a comment like that to stand. Policy is actually a good thing. It's good for you and all the rest of the students at Pilgrim and all of the Warwick schools. It also puts parents on notice as well. You can clearly see that some parents have major LGBT issues. Now I have read many comments thoroughly. I have heard both sides. You know where I stand and my personal views will not change, however, I am open minded to fair policy that offers clear defined parameters, education, and protection of rights, fairness, privacy and safety for all. Now yes, there is the Title IX law and I have read it. I have also read what other states are doing to enact specific policy as well. I have read that most schools do not abide by or enforce Title IX. I think it's very important that specific LGBT policy with a clear protocol is implemented in the Warwick school system. I can't stress this enough. There will be 600 more students attending Pilgrim next year. Policy and education on LGBT issues equals greater understanding, tolerance and protection especially for LGBT students. If anything, I think you should embrace that. You are very brave to have come "out". We never meant to put you in a situation that would cause you any distress, that was never our intention and you have also been proactively very much part of the debate, thank you for your input. I shared the situation with a school committee member this evening who had no idea this was going on at Pilgrim. Hadn't heard a thing ...I think that is VERY concerning. When I asked what it would take for an official policy to be put in place, the school committee member stated:" when it becomes apropos." It is quite clear the time is now. Sincerely, Stacia.

    Tuesday, May 3, 2016 Report this

  • TiffanyBoddie

    Stacia, I couldn't help but notice that although I had been one of the more civil individuals involved in the facebook debate, you deleted all of my comments and blocked me as soon as I linked this article in the comments. You should allow those debating to see that the superintendent has been spoken to about this issue, and be aware of his response.

    Deleting comments with facts in them simply because you do not agree with the facts, in this case a law being adhered to, is not fair to the citizens of Warwick who are involved in the debate.

    Tuesday, May 3, 2016 Report this

  • GoodGolly

    Stacia, might I add...why would you ask Ashlynn if her parents knew she'd commented on here a couple of times? Does she need their permission? Also..anyone can see she wasn't just "commenting"...she was defending herself. Defending herself because a cyber bully with nothing better to do with her day decided to call out the principal of her school for obeying THE LAW and allowing HER to use the rest room. Ok ...rant over.

    Tuesday, May 3, 2016 Report this

  • WarwickWatchWatcher

    Stacia, what about the post in which you asked the student if she had a period every month? Do you think it's appropriate to ask A CHILD about their reproductive organs? You crossed the line, my friend, and not just in this one instance. That whole string of comments is just deplorable, and you should be ashamed of yourself. The fact that your conscience is clear is a true testament of your character. Truly dispicable. The bottom line is that you're wrong. No policy needs to be put in place because there is already a CLEAR policy mandated BY LAW. Ashlynn is using the correct facility for her gender. End of story.

    Tuesday, May 3, 2016 Report this

  • JessicaHolloway

    I have screen shots that prove that many comments were deleted simply because Warwick WATCH did not want to be questioned, challenged, or have too many comments posted in support of Ashlynn and trans people, in general. For example, I repeatedly made the statement that "The teen in question is a female" & even those comments were deleted because they did not fit Stacia Huyler's agenda of referring to this teen girl as male. The overwhelming majority of the comments made by current and former students showed that most had absolutely NO issue sharing facilities with trans girls.

    Tuesday, May 3, 2016 Report this

  • JessicaHolloway

    I am just do glad that Stacia Huyler had so little awareness of how incredibly poor get behavior has been that she will openly display her disrespectful comments herself. It makes this story much easier to follow for those with basic sense, just getting filled in on this situation.

    Tuesday, May 3, 2016 Report this

  • JessicaHolloway

    *has *her

    Tuesday, May 3, 2016 Report this

  • Amrtine

    Happpy to be here on this dance floor.

    I am the Martine quoted above.

    On Sunday night between the hours of 7:30pm and 10:30pm, I watched the number of posts on the thread climb from shy of 140 to over 980. I watched and refreshed as posts were added and deleted at a rapid fire pace. At about 9:00 I noticed my comments were gone as were many of my likes in any remaining threads. I reposted. At 10 pm my posts were gone again an I had been blocked from further interaction with the page. By 10 10:30 pm, when sensible people go to bed, the number of comments plummeted to around 150 posts. Most of the supportive posts were gone. MOST OF THOSE POSTS WRRE THOUGHTFULL AND SITED REFERENCES FOR ACTUAL STATISTICS AND LAWS. Several called W.W. on bullying and endangering. Only a few remained. Mostly the uppity ones and those supporting the page. I noticed that thoae which remained were those where HUYLER/ Warwick Watch had made flippant respinses. Those posted by Ashlynn Cameron remained... But all the likes by supporters to her posts vanished.

    This Mayoral Candidate coward claimed last night innthe thread that her intent was to encourage dialog... But I call Shenanigans.

    Were it about opening dialog she would not have removed opposing posts.

    She wouldn't have called Ashlynn 'a trangendered male' or "it". And she certainly wouldn't have insinuated that because Ashlynn doesn't get a period she couldn't be female! Well... I don't get my period anymore. Does this mean I not get to use the men's room?

    When i did some digging and found HUYLER to be behind 'Warwick Watch' I sent her a personal note. In that note I challenged her choice to post the NAME and PHOTOGRAPH of a Heather S. who had sent her an angry private message. *THIS MOTHERS PHOTOGRAPH INLUDED A PICTURE OF HER CHILD. Huyler did not reply.*

    I decided " eye for an eye" and forwarded a profile pic from Huyler's wall with the caption "This is the face of HATE". Instead of engaging in her desired dialog, this PUBLIC FIGURE blocked me.

    No STACIA HUYLER PETRI / 'Warwick Watch / gender cop. You don't get to HIDE after endangering multiple people.

    YOU ARE BULLYING ASHLYNN right HERE right NOW! You are calling her HIM. You are calling her by her old name. #deadname.

    What makes YOU think YOU get to decide when her transition becomes Legit? YOU ARE NOT THE GENDER POLICE.

    You don't get to back pedal.

    You don't get to put people at risk.

    I'm glad you are posting here now because others will be able to reply and you won't get to take it down.

    Now... I have a child to bring home from school so I'll be on my way...

    An eleven year old cis-BOY who gets hassled by children who are programed by their sexist hateful parents to give him guff because he chooses to have long hair like his father and step father.

    He's programmed for answers "I have long hair like the men of my tribe.".


    Want to know how far your kind of HATE reaches Huyler? My SON was hassled for using a men's room last weekend at a major chain sporting store. The MENS ROOM where he is SUPPOSED TO BE.

    His programed response didn't work as the 70something old man glared at him. It wasn't untill his six foot tall VERY MANLY 1/4 Chickasaw step father walked upnbehind him that the man backed off.

    I shall retire form this post for now.



    Martine Picard.

    Fourth generation American AND Canadian.

    Third generation civil rights activist.

    Named after Rev Dr Martin Luther King.

    Trans-ally and all around activist!

    PS: In case you haven't yet noticed HUYLER... Even Trump whom you openly support says it's okay to Trans-persons too use the facilities that make them comfortabke.

    Tuesday, May 3, 2016 Report this

  • warwickcitizen1

    thank you to the warwick beacon for covering this story and for shedding light on stacia huyler and her cruel tactics. keep in mind she tried running for office in 2014-- this is not the type of representative warwick needs.

    as it pertains to her slew of messages below with carefully worded copy and paste, i will be glad to send along the screenshots of her asking rude and abusive questions like "do you get your period?." myself and others have been collecting them before the comments got deleted.

    another point- in her original post she asked for students at the school to comment their thoughts. when they did and supported the child, she deleted them. all in the name of her internet plight for views. in fact, she even remarked that she was happy the post had been viewed so many times. that is-- after deleting anything that would disagree with her.

    shame shame shame on stacia huyler for using a minor, a child to further her own political agenda!

    Tuesday, May 3, 2016 Report this

  • warwickcitizen1

    a bit of her history, complete with threats! album with a few screenshots of harassment.

    sad that a "journalist" can't talk about their beliefs without acting immature and bringing minors into this. i plan to bring more media attention to this for sure.

    Tuesday, May 3, 2016 Report this

  • Amrtine

    I lasted 30 seconds before my blood was BOILING!

    Where are the privacy curtians so decent people dont have to look at spite filled hatefull BLEEEPS and MEANGIRLS like YOU #StaciaHuyler. UGH.

    "Proper channels to enforce federally mandated....' what? The proper channels are JUST EFFING DO IT you trogledyte.

    Head desk.







    Just keep letting her extend her rope... Just keep letting her extend her rope... Just keep letting her extend her rope... Just keep letting her extend her rope... Just keep letting her extend her rope...

    Tuesday, May 3, 2016 Report this

  • JRollins

    I'm surprised it took this long to see how mean spirited, rude, one sided, looney this woman and is. Remember when she used multiple screen names and had conversations about her canidacy for mayor WITH HERSELF. She is out there. Finally all can see

    Tuesday, May 3, 2016 Report this

  • WolfLegion

    Stacia Huyler:

    First and foremost, you deleted something along the lines of 1200-1400 comments and banned the commenters in an effort to eliminate support for Ashlynn as well as silence the overwhelming opposition you were facing. You really can't talk about being open for debate when you consistently delete opposing voices and immediately try to dismiss all of it by saying that they were personal attacks. It had absolutely nothing to do with "accusations of bigotry, hate, foul language, threats, and accusations of bullying." If you don't want to be called a bigot, don't say bigoted things. If you don't want to be called a bully, then don't be a bully.

    You say you're standing up for the privacy, safety, and security of girls who are uncomfortable. (See: Concern Trolling) But the fact is that the rights of these girls hasn't been infringed on and this isn't a new policy, they've been in place for years. None of the girls your attempting to defend have been displaced or forced out of the bathroom or locker room. They've even been offered other accommodations in the event that they feel uncomfortable. That offer was also extended to LGBTQ students. The fact is that rights don't get outweighed by the discomforts of others and this discussion sounds almost exactly like the discussions that were had over 50 years ago regarding segregation of racial minorities...all the way down to a lot of the "separate but equal facilities" statements that have been made. The reality is that rights in this country are there to protect individuals and vulnerable minorities from the discomforts, insecurities, and feelings of the majority. The argument that the safety and rights of transgender individuals are secondary to those of the general public is a losing one that has been struck down repeatedly over the years by the Supreme Court.

    Your arguments against Title IX and local/state regulations are also losing arguments. I'm not sure why you think those laws don't or shouldn't apply. If you receive one penny of public funding, those regulations apply. There's really no argument to be made there. And again, I'd like to point out that those regulations are not new. It's been well established that, in public schools in the state of Rhode Island, students have a right to use bathrooms that are congruent with their gender identity.

    Your arguments that these didn't go through the "proper channels" is also a losing argument. It absolutely went through the proper channels. If people decided it wasn't worth their attention, that's their own fault because at the end of the all went through the correct process to become policy.

    Transgender women are women. Transgender men are men. Saying that these things need to be debated is honestly insulting to members of the LGBTQ community whose existences are constantly being debated by those who want to invalidate and police their existence. I'll be blunt. You have no right or authority in these matters. I exist regardless of what you think and I have a right to use the appropriate public facilities and accommodations that are in line with my identity. And all of that without the fear of being harassed or assaulted. "Debating" all of that does nothing but further agendas that wish to roll back rights which have been fought for over the past 40+ years. Not only that, but when you reach a point where the AMA and APA (and the vast majority of healthcare professionals regulated by them) agree that being transgender isn't a mental illness and they deserve to have their identity respected as everyday people? It's time to put the "debate" to bed and tell people to deal with their discomforts. They can either learn to grow as people or they'll live out their final days in a dwindling population of people standing on the wrong side of history.



    Tuesday, May 3, 2016 Report this

  • TitleIXistheLaw

    Dear Warwick Watch AKA Stacia Huyler,

    Since when is posting accurate and up-to-date information about Title IX, a federal law that applies to all public education in the United States, an accusation of bigotry, hate, or foul language? How about the American Medical Association's nondiscrimination policy? Is that bigotry and hate speech, too?! Yesterday, when I posted that information to the Warwick Watch Facebook page, you immediately deleted it and then banned me and hundreds of others from commenting. Good luck fighting Warwick's Superintendent of Schools AND a federal law. It seems you really have your work cut out for you! The last I heard you weren't even able to secure the Republican nominee for Warwick major. The loud (and we only got louder after being censored by you) Warwick majority stands for human rights, dignity, and inclusion. And you know what, it takes a real servant leader to win an election. Real servant leaders try and understand human beings that are different from them; they are not dictated by their ignorance and fear. The best outcome of this whole social media debacle is that now more people - in Warwick and all across the U.S. - are standing up for the rights and dignity of their transgender neighbors! Thank you for helping the cause. :) Take care.


    An educated transgender man and social worker

    Tuesday, May 3, 2016 Report this

  • patientman

    This girls life isn't tough enough? Get a life you bigots.

    Tuesday, May 3, 2016 Report this

  • Scal1024

    Stacia, the fact that you don't recognize any wrong in what you've done is just sad. When you put the license plate of the elderly couple on Facebook and wrongfully accused them of fraud( and had to be visited by the police because of it) you said you should've known better. You said you should have gotten the facts before posting on social media. Well you should take your own advice. You had no right to post about this in anyway. Why wouldn't you ask questions privately first? You tried to score political points off a high school student on social media.

    The problem here however is you kept digging. Rather than admit a wrong (as you are pretty much always wrong) you try to lie, spin and bs. Remember when you were caught using multiple usernames on this page? Pretending to be "Stacia supporters" talking about how great you were. That is so insane it's scary. When you were caught you claimed "sabotage" and "hacking", again insane.

    You now say that you posted about this student to start a conversation. That is a lie that the public can see right through. The ugly, foul, inappropriate things you said to a minor were so creepy and disgusting. Any adult who would ask any child (male or female) they don't know if they get their period has serious issues. You claim there are multiple admins of your FB page yet you can never seem to name one of them. The last thing this girl needs is to be talked down to by some failed person, or failed candidate if you prefer. Not to mention you allowed your members to say disgusting things. You deleted perfectly fair and respectful comments, yet now claim you didn't. You seriously need help for mental illness. I just hope you find it before you embarrass yourself anymore. You have shown yourself to be nothing more than a sad, miserable, bored housewife. Go find another hobby, as you continually accomplish nothing with this one.

    To the Warwick Watch members that bullied, teased, and mocked this child each and everyone of you should be embarrassed by your behavior. I feel bad that your lives are so boring that you felt the need to talk down to high school kids on social media. I actually feel bad for your kids who will think that behavior is ok. Before you all cry...its not because you have a different opinion, it's the way you all went about it. Making this kid feel like she's wrong, asking where her parents are? Who do any of you think you are? Grown men talking down to 16 year old girls. Wow, big tough guys all of you...lucky for you they were 10x smarter. You are all psychotic and spouted off some of the most dumb, incoherent, untrue statements I have ever heard. I hope your children never inherit your ignorance, bunch of keyboard activists with nothing better to do.

    Tuesday, May 3, 2016 Report this

  • warwickcitizen1 album with latest deleted posts.

    here is me asking a question with the utmost respect, phrased respectfully several times. deleted and blocked. if you watch the video on her page, she is claiming she is ok with discussion but not okay with threatening statements. pure censorship. i think she meant to say, "if your comment doesn't make my opinion look strong, it will be deleted and you will be blocked."

    Tuesday, May 3, 2016 Report this

  • groberge

    The entire post on Facebook was a witch hunt. Warwick Watch didn't start out naming names, but told everyone there was only one transgender teen at Pilgrim. People put two and two together rather quickly. Warwick Watch outed and possibly endangered a minor to further a political agenda. When people came to this child's defense they were either deleted or harassed. Warwick Watch at one point last night was arguing with one of Ashlynn's classmates. The teen was respectful and very well spoken and Warwick Watch decided taunting her and telling her it was past her bedtime would be an appropriate argument. Warwick Watch keeps arguing that this will lead to a "free for all". What free for all exactly? At this point there is one transgender student using the appropriate facilities she identifies with and doing so with more modesty than many others. Warwick Watch continually berated and harassed this poor kid, crossing many lines as far as asking personal questions no stranger has a right to ask anyone nevermind a 15 year old. Warwick Watch later came up with a solution to allow LGBT students to be "properly vetted" and allow the school to demand a "clinical history". Why would a LGBT student have to go through a more rigorous screening process than another student to attend a public school?

    Tuesday, May 3, 2016 Report this

  • WarwickWatch

    The 16 transgender male student stated he was disgusted with finding feminine products in the girls bathroom. He also stated he was a woman. That's why the question was asked if he gets his monthly period. How can a teen boy have the slightest comprehension of what teen girls are going through? What counseling is taking place? You want to change the culture?This is something completely different all in itself and it is irresponsible. Most of the individuals commenting on this page and this paper in itself are all of the Mayor's minions. Warwick Watch isn't surprised in the least. Watch what happens to the Warwick public school system and how many more parents will be pulling their kids out. This entire city's leadership on both sides school/city is a complete disaster.

    Tuesday, May 3, 2016 Report this

  • warwickcitizen1

    here is a link to an album of screenshot that stacia refers to when she mentions the teen finds tampons and "women's products" disgusting. if you notice, the text she received is carefully cropped to remove any of the questions stacia asked the other student, who supposedly contacted her in private to discuss how she felt uncomfortable. if you read the message, the student never had an issue with transgender students- she had an issue with the transgender student "constantly talking to people and checking her hair and complaining about seeing used tampons."

    notice how stacia twisted this to seem as though the student had an issue with the transgender student herself. stacia then went on to use this information to question the minor transgender student on whether or not she is menstrual. stacia herself painted this student to be someone who doesn't understand women's issues and therefore isn't a woman. in actuality, that is false logic based on poorly given opinion on actions unrelated to being transgender.

    Tuesday, May 3, 2016 Report this

  • Scal1024

    The only disaster in this city is you. You follow workers around, you post license plates of the elderly, make up fake screen names to pretend you have real support. Don't you get it Stacia? It's over! You lost the shred of credibility you had. Even people who used to support you are disgusted by your behavior. Once again you try to spin that it's the "mayor's minions"...Who the high school kids? Or is it the hundreds if not thousands of adults who have opposed you on this matter. What a pathetic response.

    Stop lying saying it's about privacy and rights. If it was about privacy why did you post your original thought on social media? Seems like it infringes on her right to privacy. You are a liar Stacia and you need to stop. You need to seek help, and then after that maybe you can tell others how to live

    Tuesday, May 3, 2016 Report this

  • ProfessorX

    What lies from Warwick Watch! At least four pilgrim teachers, myself included, had comments removed for defending the student or challenging these so-called "watch dogs." At the same time they had no issue attacking a child online. This group... And this woman, will never lead this city. She lacks any sense of decorum while engaged in debate. Her vulgarity and personal attacks are by now well known.

    Tuesday, May 3, 2016 Report this

  • AntiWarwickWatch

    Its Cyberbullying plain and simple! You cant invite thousands of people to spew hatred especially towards a child!! Stacia has been reported to the Warwick Police and I hope they follow through with it! Stacia has crossed the line before and has actually been to court for it! Shame on you for bullying this chilld!

    Tuesday, May 3, 2016 Report this

  • Warwickproud

    Wow Stacia, now you are outright lying (of course that isn't out of the ordinary for you). Your question to the teen had nothing to do with feminine products. You asked her "how are you a woman" and asked immediately after "do you get a period every month". The screenshots proving this are all over the internet.

    Tuesday, May 3, 2016 Report this

  • WolfLegion


    "The 16 transgender male student stated he"

    She's a transgender girl and the correct pronoun is 'she.' Stop intentionally misgendering her.

    "...was disgusted with finding feminine products in the girls bathroom."

    Yeah, most people are disgusted when you find any kind of hygiene product outside of the places they're supposed to be. Used tampons and pads should be in the garbage and used toilet paper should be flushed. I'm not sure why it's an issue that another person said "hey, it's gross that these things are on the floor and there's blood on the toilet."

    "He also stated he was a woman. That's why the question was asked if he gets his monthly period. How can a teen boy have the slightest comprehension of what teen girls are going through? What counseling is taking place? You want to change the culture?This is something completely different all in itself and it is irresponsible."

    Oh dear lord...

    SHE stated that SHES is a woman because she is. That's her identity. As far as asking about whether or not she gets her period, that's inappropriate and none of your business. And if you're basing womanhood on menstruation, then I guess there are a lot of cisgender women who aren't "true women" because they don't go through menstruation for various reasons. I think you should walk into Dana–Farber Cancer Institute and tell the patients there that they aren't really women.

    Again, you don't get to know what counseling is taking place. That's also none of your business. That's a conversation between transgender individuals, their care providers, and anybody that they feel the need to tell. You don't get to make these demands in an attempt to police the gender of other people.

    This is why people were saying you're being in appropriate. You're almost a hair shy of asking a minor to send you pictures of their genitals and you don't understand why people find it disturbing.

    And while you're lambasting transgender people for not knowing what it's like to be a teenage boy or girl, what you're missing is that you have absolutely no idea what it's like to be a transgender boy or girl. You have absolutely no experiences to speak on and no perspective there and yet here you are.

    What's irresponsible is your behavior here that promotes a culture of social stigma and violence toward transgender people. Your words and actions help perpetuate a long history of abuses that lead to a lot of really unpleasant experiences within the LGBTQ community. So yes...many of us are trying to change that culture for the better.

    "Most of the individuals commenting on this page and this paper in itself are all of the Mayor's minions."

    That's some serious paranoia you've got going on here...

    "Warwick Watch isn't surprised in the least. Watch what happens to the Warwick public school system and how many more parents will be pulling their kids out. This entire city's leadership on both sides school/city is a complete disaster."

    Stop saying "Warwick Watch" and just say "I." Hiding behind that moniker is dishonest and it means you're refusing to own what you say.

    The reality is that there is going to be no mass exodus from the public school system over this. The outrage is from a small number of people, fanned by you. In fact, had nothing been said by you nothing would have been said because it's been a nonissue for years. The disaster I see is a person who didn't get what they wanted and are now trying to pick on the next vulnerable population because gays already had their day in court and that leave transgender, gender nonconforming, and queer individuals exposed. Your attempts are pathetic.


    Tuesday, May 3, 2016 Report this

  • Warwickproud

    Now she is referring to the teen as "it". Not hard to figure what her true motive was in all his.

    Warwick WATCH

    Warwick WATCH The 16 yr old transgender male student stated he was disgusted with finding feminine products in the girls bathroom. He also stated he was a woman. That's why the question was asked if he gets his monthly period. How can a teen boy have the slightest c...See More

    Like · Reply · 54 mins · Edited

    Shannon Fitz-Simon

    Shannon Fitz-Simon It's transgender female not transgender male. You should get your terminology correct regardless of what side you're on. And the pronouns are she and her not he and him.

    Like · Reply · 1 · 21 mins

    Warwick WATCH

    Warwick WATCH Shannon Fitz-Simon until the individual has had complete hormonal therapy and a complete sex change conversion, it's a he. Same goes for a female to male conversion.

    Tuesday, May 3, 2016 Report this

  • Pepper

    Warwick Watch Stacia Huyler,

    No matter how you "spin" it, YOU outed a 15 year old girl to further your agenda.Then you and a few of your followers went on one of the most disgusting tirades I have ever witnessed towards a child. Name calling, accusations, bullying, comparing Trans people to "predators" and "pedophiles", and posting misinformation. While many of us continued to post actual facts and show support for this young lady, you quickly began deleting posts and banning folks but then again, Warwick Watch is known for that, deleting and banning anyone who doesn't agree. So much for your "fair" and "open mindedness".

    Just watched your video, lots of back peddling and "spinning" going on. The only truthful thing you said was the "shout out to Jenna." Jenna, a high school student, whose in the same gym class as Ashlynn, who told you there was no issues, who taught YOU about Title IX because before SHE mentioned it, you didn't know. That young woman was respectful ,intelligent , diplomatic, and had credible sources at the ready when YOU and a few other "Adults" challenged her. You "adults" dismissed what she said, condescended her, accused her of having "invalid sources" (the APA and NAMI aren't valid?),YOU threatened her twice with banishment all because she was more informed than you.

    Stacia asked Ashlynn if she "got her period" after Ashlynn stated she was a girl.

    This seems to be a trend with you, targeting innocents to further your own agenda, an elderly couple and now a child.

    Yes we're all talking but we're talking about how YOU outed a 15 year old online and how you & a few others continue to invalidate her.


    Tuesday, May 3, 2016 Report this

  • Scal1024

    Stacia stop embarrassing yourself. You keep referring to yourself as "Warwick Watch" as if there are a lot of people commenting under that name. We know its you and only you. You have been unable to name one other admin of that page since it started. Just like on this website when your usernames were MsMayor, StaciaPetri, SabrinaV, Warwick Watch. Why don't you discuss this in a forum where you can't delete comments that you don't like? I'd love it! But you won't because you are a liar who lives in a bubble with your narrow minded minions.

    Tuesday, May 3, 2016 Report this

  • PaulHuff

    Add me to the lost of people who were banned from the Warwick Watch page. So much for an open exchange of opinions. Whoever the moderators are ( supposedly there are several) do their best to ensure that there is not open dialogue but only one side of an issue can be posted.

    It is embarrassing that this page reports itself to represent the people of Warwick. They should stick to following DPW dump trucks around and complaining about mattresses. Anything other than that they seem to screw up.

    Tuesday, May 3, 2016 Report this

  • itsmewhosu


    When I think of you, not only does my stomach turn, but a particular word comes to mind, that I will refrain from saying, out of respect for the decent women commenting.

    You will never be anything more than the laughing stock of Warwick, RI.

    Please remove yourself from our backyards. You're polluting our air.

    PS: I hear the southern half of the country is looking for a new bigot. MOVE.

    Tuesday, May 3, 2016 Report this

  • stew312856

    It's wonderful to hear about adults having all these lurid thoughts about minors in the bathroom. Don't you people have jobs?

    Listen, this generation is basically Generation Bowie, they are all acting like it is 1975 and this is ground control to Major Tom. Let the kid do as s/he pleases and figure out how to be a happy person. The people who are obviously making a huge scene in public and want to be remembered by history as a bunch of dumb yokels who brought FaceBook drama to the newspaper are the only ones in need of any kind of mental healthcare. Or maybe a swift kick in the teeth to get their minds out of the gutter. Either way, David Bowie was doing this whole thing like 40 years ago, they used to have males play female parts in Shakespeare plays, so quit thinking this is something new, it isn't. The only thing out of place here is the lunatic adults who need to be electro-shocked into their senses. Seriously, get a life.

    Wednesday, May 4, 2016 Report this

  • JulieEM

    I think this is a very biased report.

    Firstly, I too watched in horror as I saw Ashlynn come under attack with bigoted and terrible commnets, but Warwick Watch really did a great job deleting hateful comments by both sides. Personal insults were dealt with decisively and I think that was good work.

    Second, the new Superintendent boasts on the Warwick Page of how communication is of utmost importance and priority. Well how about some communication on the law that states that an anatomical male may use a toilet designated for anatomical females? And where is the policy - there is nothing mentioned in the Warwick Policy Booklets about this issue? What about some education for the parents and the students? People are throwing all sorts of ignorant comments around. And what about accommodations? Compromise? Bottom line is parents and students alike have been blind-sided by the most recent developments, which, given Cumberland's proactive policy setting, could have and SHOULD have been avoided - especially since Alex came out 6 months ago at least!!!! You have done a terrible job, Warwick Schools! SHAME ON YOU!!!

    Third, your comments suggesting that Warwick Watch singled Ashlynn out are not true. Ashlynn's friends are the ones who identified her by posting links to her profile in the comments. But where are Ashlynn's parents in all this?? Why are they not standing up for their minor child???

    And finally - Pilgrim High School girls should get some lessons on how to dispose properly of their used "lady products". And FFS clean up those filthy bathrooms -- the horror stories that students were sharing are shocking!!! Ashlynn, I think you were better off using the nurse's loo if the bathrooms are indeed as filthy as you say.

    Wednesday, May 4, 2016 Report this

  • warwickcitizen1

    ^^ strange how this sole supporter of stacia is saying and using the exact same phrases stacia used in her responses to commenters on her fb page. given that stacia has made up profiles to support her beliefs before, i sort of doubt the validity of the above concern.

    Wednesday, May 4, 2016 Report this

  • Scal1024

    For anyone who would like proof of Stacia using multiple screen names on this page already the article is from December 30th 2014, the headline is "Debate continues over plan for rising legacy costs". In the comment section she uses "Stacia Huyler" as a username and the other name shows up as ". . ." the reason ". . ." is the user name (originally SabrinaV) is because she deleted her other account after she was caught. For anyone who'd like to see how unstable this women's a great read!!!!!! Also there are other articles from before this one where she is praising herself using her made up profile. Again the fake name showing up as ". . ." Can you say crazy?

    Wednesday, May 4, 2016 Report this

  • HiMyNameIs

    Everyone should report the Warwick Watch page to Facebook. Next to the message tab at the top of the Warwick Watch page, click the three dots and click "report page". Choose whichever option you deem best and when the rating screen pops up at the end it allows comments. Include the link to this article. The entire page should be shut down for good. No room for close-minded people to be spreading their close-minded garbage for other pitiful, close-minded followers to cling to.

    Wednesday, May 4, 2016 Report this

  • BigPapi

    Damn! Stacia is getting slammed on here harder than when she meets up with Tony Dunn! (That's not her husbands name)

    Wednesday, May 4, 2016 Report this

  • JulieEM

    @warwickcitizen1 - Actually, I am a mother with kiddies in the Warwick School System. Not that I have to "prove" anything, but I assure you all that I am independent of Warwick Watch and have never met Stacia Hayler. I have my own opinions and am doing my own research. I am also addressing these issues independently as a mom. I did not know of this history of animosity and I feel that all of this fighting is just unnecessary. My concerns are real and valid, and I feel quite sad that you would treat me, a mom in your community with such acrimony and suspicion for no reason. I hope you have a great day!

    Wednesday, May 4, 2016 Report this

  • warwickcitizen1

    sorry julieEM, you and WarwickWatch (and SabrinaV) seem to have a lot in common! Same thought process, same phrasing, same quotes even! Talking about the Cumberland policy, discussing used hygienic products, asking where Ashlynn's parents are, etc. and you are the only one who seems to think stacia did a great job fairly moderating the comments, given that hundreds were deleted and screenshotted as proof.

    i am glad to know you are concerned about your children enrolled in warwick school systems and again, apologize if you were offended!

    Wednesday, May 4, 2016 Report this

  • Shayna

    Less than 15 mins after posting the following comment on the "Warwick Watch" FB page it was deleted and I was blocked. Stacia is a coward.



    @StaciaHuyler is a grown woman, and a bully.

    #StaciaHuyler ran for office in 2014. She wanted to represent my hometown. She will never represent me or where I grew up. She is hiding behind Warwick WATCH, pretending she is looking out for others, while bullying a teen and creating press for herself. "As long as they're talking...", right Stacia? Let's see how long I can talk before you delete this/block me or try to came for MY blood.

    @AshlynnCameron if you read this, know that #IStandWithAshlynn #IAmAnAlly #Love #WhoRunsTheWorld #Girls #IGotYourBackBoo"

    Wednesday, May 4, 2016 Report this

  • Warwickproud

    Oh please Julie/Stacia. We know who you are. Same posting style, Nice touch spelling your last name incorrectly to throw everyone off. You are sooo clever

    Wednesday, May 4, 2016 Report this

  • CrickeeRaven

    So this Facebook Warrior heard a rumor that girls at Pilgrim were having bad fee-fees, whipped her followers into a froth over it, deleted comments in support of the student, then came HERE to further antagonize this student, all without suggesting that the two girls who first complained should go talk to their principal -- and then insists that she believes in "protocol." Seriously?

    I also must laugh at the fact that this story ran in 6,200 printed newspapers this week, and yet she is pleading the case in support of her bullying a child online, where [as of 9 p.m. on May 4] 3,600 people have seen it -- which doesn't mean those 3,600 people actually read her comments.

    “I have nothing to say to you.” That's what the majority of readers will know about her. And, I dare say, what they will hope to keep hearing from her.

    Wednesday, May 4, 2016 Report this

  • PinkLady

    Really Stacia? So my comments -- all of which were civil, respectful, curse-free, and appropriate -- should all still be on your thread then, correct? Yet they were all deleted, along with all other dissenting opinions, and I was blocked. Censorship at its finest.

    Wednesday, May 4, 2016 Report this

  • RISchadenfreude

    ...and RI makes yet another lap around the bowl; never saw so many so-called "adults" get their undies in a bunch over the travails of a confused teen...

    Thursday, May 5, 2016 Report this

  • falina

    I think the proper thing for everyone to do here is NOT to give MS. Huyler the attention she so desperately craves. Sometimes children do not know the difference between "good" attention and "bad" attention. How we teach these unlearned souls is by not giving in to their tantrums and whims. Don't give this sad excuse of a woman that spotlight she desperately craves.

    Thursday, May 5, 2016 Report this

  • falina

    My apologies. That should have read "toddler of a woman", so as not to get Ms. Huyler confused with the MATURE Ashlynn, who in no way deserves this treatment. Stacia, it is simply NONE of your business. PERIOD. (There's a period for you hon!)

    Thursday, May 5, 2016 Report this